131 pupils were turned down in a small black house? The police have stepped in

131 pupils were turned down in a small black house? The police have stepped in

Original title: 131 pupils in Guizhou are reciting words in a small black house.

Source: Legal Evening News

In the late June 12th, the people's Government of the San Du Shui Nationality Autonomous County of Guizhou responded to the incident by the government's website on the incident in Guizhou. In June 12th, the people's Government of the San Du Shui Nationality Autonomous County made an official response to the incident. Investigation.

Recently, some parents of the students in Guizhou told the Legal Evening News that some of the students in the nine Guizhou Hongxing primary school were recited in the small black house and did not feed them.

Parents broke the news: children were shut down in black houses to memorize words.

In the past few days, a number of students from the three Dudu Autonomous County of Guizhou province were told the news that their children were arranged in a remote house by the school and were recited in a small black house made of cardboard.

A soundproof shed called a little black house by the parents

In June 12th, well-known netizens, @ Yan Yun also released video from the media in its own media. The video showed that many angry parents came to a house. The room upstairs had a number of small partitions made of cardboard, all of which were sealed with the seal of the local government seal.

In another video, a number of parents gathered in the nine Qian Hongxing primary school. A cadre in white was talking to the parents. "You don't send photos and videos to the Internet...".

The headmaster said: that's the voice collection in the noise shelter.

On the morning of June 12th, the Legal Evening News and the view telephone interview interviewed Shi Hongping, the Nine Star Red Star Primary School in the three counties.

According to president Shi, the school originally had a substitute teacher. In May this year, the teacher found the principal, and said his relatives were in a Guizhou science and technology limited company. He was doing a speech collection project, hoping to cooperate with the school. The school agreed to the project and arranged for some schools to participate in voice acquisition.

"Those cardboard rooms are soundproof shed." Shi said, "the students are recording in the soundproof shed with voice collection equipment, not a little Kuroya."

At the same time, the president also said that some parents were late for the children to collect voice home. After asking the situation, the parents were connected to other parents, saying that they were put into the small black house. Now the county government is highly concerned about this, the County Education Bureau has begun to investigate, and the cooperation company has been summoned by the Public Security Bureau, and it is still in the process of further processing.

Parents look into the soundproof shed

"After the incident, the government of the County Committee attaches great importance to the government of the county committee, and the Education Bureau arranges these students to go to the hospital," he said in an interview. When the hospital receives a physical examination, parents have gathered at the gate of the school, and parents are taking video on their mobile phones. I tell parents that this event is being investigated and handled. Please do not publish the video content to the network casually so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings or rumors, which is not conducive to the investigation and mediation of the events. Work. "

In the morning of June 12th, the news of the evening news of the legal system was also sent to the Propaganda Department of the county committee of Guizhou's San Du Shui Nationality Autonomous County. The staff of the Ministry said that the incident was being investigated and the official investigation would be issued later on the network.

Government official response: instructed the Education Bureau to remove the person responsible for the study.

On the evening of June 12th, the people's Government of the San Du Shui Autonomous County issued an official response on its website:

In May 29, 2018, Hongxing primary school in the nine county of San Du County accepted the requirements of Guizhou fingertip times science and Technology Co., Ltd., and organized 131 students in the school to collect voice in five batches, causing dissatisfaction from some students' parents, and reflecting to the people's Government of the nine fields on June 2018, nine of the people of the Qian Zhen. The government immediately organized a working group to carry out the preliminary investigation and report the situation to the county people's government.

After receiving the report, the county Party committee and the county people's government attach great importance to the investigation and leadership group of the members of the deputy county head of the county people's government, the County Commission, the County Commission for discipline, the education, public security, health, municipal prison and the nine fields, and carry out the investigation in depth and take the following measures: first, phonetics In the course of the collection, some students eat the drinking water and food provided by the company. In order to ensure the safety of the students, 131 students who have been organized to take part in the speech collection to the county people's Hospital for physical examination have not found abnormal phenomena. The students have returned home safely with the parents' escort, and the two is the County Education Bureau to the red. The director of the star primary school is in place of dismissal and departure. Three is a warning education meeting to take part in the county's primary and secondary school (Garden).

At present, the public security organs are still conducting further investigations on this matter.

The people's Government of the San Du Shui Nationality Autonomous County

June 12, 2018

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