Yun 20 air training, "fat girl" staged "heaven and women scattered flowers" (map)

Yun 20 air training,

[Transport 20 overlord airdrop! "Chubby" put on "Tian female flower") recently, China's independent development of the 20 large transport aircraft and airborne troops jointly launched air drop air drop training, which is the Chinese air force strategic delivery capacity, the distance of the construction of the distance air landing operations.

Transportation 20 is a large multi-purpose transport machine developed by the aviation industry. It can carry out the long distance air transportation task of all kinds of materials and personnel under the complex weather conditions. In July 2016, when the 20 aircraft was put into the air force, it joined in July 2017 to celebrate the 90th anniversary military parade of the PLA. Focusing on fulfilling the mission of the new era, the 20 aircraft combat training has been launched in full swing.

It is mainly trained with small pieces of airdrop, human trial jump, and equipment and other subjects to verify the parachute ability of domestic large transport aircraft, and provide a guarantee for improving the capacity of large scale operations.

Airport, airdrop place, handsome "camouflage", steady "deep blue", awaken "sky blue", busy at their respective posts.

The Chinese Air Force spokesman Shen Jinchi said that the air force is a strategic military, and the strategic capability of the air force should be adapted to the continuous development of the national interests and carry out diversified military tasks in a wider space. Where the national interests extend, the air force's strategic capability extends to provide reliable air and space security for the development of the country. (Aeronautical Industry)

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