Head of the army campaign training: 13 group army commander as the assessment object

Head of the army campaign training: 13 group army commander as the assessment object

Original title: opening ceremony of the head of the army campaign: 13 group army chiefs as the focus of assessment.

Today (June 12th) morning, the head of the army campaign began training. Over the span of two weeks, commanders and command organs above the army focus on preparing for war, highlighting the theme of command training. In the 5 theater, the army commander gave lessons, and the 13 group army officers accepted the examination. They strengthened the campaign command organization and organized the commanding and fighting skills.

The training was another year's major military activities after the April campaign staff, the May "training and the transformation construction".

Important significance

The first is to carry out the practical action of training the chairman of the trainee to prepare for the war.

Two, it is an important measure to improve the command and command ability of the campaign command organization.

The three is to promote the practice of training and practising officials.

Overall consideration

1. Set up a guide

The first to practice the army and the strong army first.

2. Distinguish between two stages

According to the two stages of theoretical teaching, homework practice and commanding assessment, the organization is planned.

3. Three levels of linkage

We must adhere to the three levels of the army, the theater army and the group army.

4. Play four roles

1. Lead the leadership;

2. Expert guidance;

3, discipline inspection and supervision;

4, system support.

5. Five progress has been made

1, we have made new progress in keeping close to mission tasks and innovative campaign tactics.

2, we have made new progress in relying on information systems and innovative campaign training methods.

3, we have made new progress in the above rates and practical training.

4, we have made new progress in strict training and management and in promoting the implementation of training.

5, we have made new progress in supervising and supervising the whole process and changing the training atmosphere.

Training method

Taking mission tasks as the subject, taking the commanders and command organs of the group as the focus, on the basis of the new system and the new "six meeting" standards, and taking special guidance, centralized operation, key assessment, review and evaluation, and so on, the network is organized in different places.

Main innovation points

The first is to change from the side examination organ and the training staff to the chief officer and the general officer.

The chief of the army was the chief examiner, and the 5 army theater commanders were preparing lessons. The 13 group army commanders were the key examiners.

Two, we should focus on testing skills and evaluating the level of business to transform strategies and comprehensive qualities.

We should emphasize the strategy of practicing, practice and command, practice the tactics of war, practice coordination and practice, and focus on the examination and improvement of the commanding level and comprehensive ability of the battle commanders and their command organs.

The three is to set up assessment conditions by focusing on different directions and the same subject, and changing the assessment conditions based on mission and corresponding tasks.

We should adhere to the principle of task traction and union oriented, determine the assessment subject closely to the operational task, fix the examination content with the requirements of the operational requirements, explore the common ability based on the general purpose, and test the level of actual preparation to the mission task.

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