What kind of bait have been eaten by "corrupt" officials?

What kind of bait have been eaten by

Original title: be the goal! What kind of bait have been eaten by the corrupt officials?

Source: Legal Evening News

There is a story in the news of the evening news of the legal system (reporter Li Wenji). There is a story in "Xing Shi Heng". Xue Lu has dreamt of himself as a carp, knowing that the bait is poisonous, but it is hard to bear temptation and still bite by the mouth, and the result is caught by the fisherman.

Today, the discipline inspection and supervision of newspapers and periodicals, "poison bait, noxious greedy", names a number of corrupt officials, called them in the face of temptation, "the eyes are broken, the stomach can not endure" carp. Seemingly passive corruption, in essence, is an active exchange of interests.

Combing reporters found that there are plenty of people who are willing to be hunted, or even willing to be hunted. They are inadvertent, "not with the organization heart to the lung, but with the boss," "tell the spirit", enjoy knot and pursuit, thus in the psychological superiority, material to meet.

Love to play golf and be attracted to the "hole" by the hunts.

In April this year, Wang Xiaolin, a member and deputy director of the National Energy Bureau, was expelled from the party and public office for serious violation of laws and regulations.

It was noted that there was a fresh expression in the bulletin of the National Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Commission: Wang Xiaolin violated the central eight provisions, played golf for a long time, and accepted banquets, and was willing to be "huned". Earlier, an article in the people's daily also mentioned that in a period of time, leading cadres were "hunting" and "willing to be hunts".

"Do not fear leaders to speak principles, but fear leaders do not like them". For a long time, this sentence is quite popular, and finding a breakthrough from the preferences of officials has become an important means of hunting. Therefore, if officials are restrained in their interests and hobbies, they are likely to be "exploited" by ulterior motives. Wang Xiaolin, who had been playing golf for a long time, fell into the hole.

Obsessed with camera hunts for cameras and exhibitions

The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also revealed the transformation process of Qin Yuhai, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial People's Congress and former director of the Provincial Public Security Bureau. It is also mentioned that this is mostly related to his elegant art photography.

In 2001, Qin Yuhai, the Secretary of the Jiaozuo municipal Party committee, visited the United States and met with the businessman, Cao. When the two people talked about photography, Qin Yuhai mentioned the hash camera. Soon, Cao bought a hash camera back to China and provided it to Qin Yuhai. After that, Cao added another expensive photographic equipment for Qin Yuhai. Qin and Cao duer often hold a photo exhibition jointly. Qin Yuhai called Cao Mou his "golden partner". Under the assistance and assistance of Cao, in 2007, Qin Yuhai's photography, "real water without fragrance", won the highest prize in the Chinese photography world, the golden image of art creation.

According to the investigation, from 2012 to 2014, Cao wrote a picture book of "true water" for Qin Yuhai, filming a television documentary film "a photographer and a mountain" on the theme of Qin Yuhai's photography, 4 times for Qin Yuhai to hold a photo exhibition for Qin Yuhai, even to use his own contacts in the circle. Visited Italy, France and the United Kingdom, the total cost of about 5800000 yuan.

On the other side, Qin Yuhai was greeting the Xiang Yun Taishan company, enabling the company to successfully undertake the Yuntai Mountain company's subway advertising business in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities. In addition, the company has also coordinated the advertising fee standard. Only in this way, the company received an advertising fee of 76 million 855 thousand yuan, with a profit margin of 76%.

He is a good friend and a frog in warm water.

The original standing committee of the Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Guizhou Provincial Committee of first instance and former Secretary of the Zunyi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Liao Shaohua, in the court, confessed, "I am not a friend who knows from the ideological and moral character of a person that both promotes and is light like water, but has made a batch of old friends with heavy duty and the smell of copper. And then he was trained and boiled by the so-called "friends".

According to the report of the procuratorial daily, the former Hunan Provincial Committee and the deputy head of the county committee and the deputy head of the county Liang Tao also wrote in his repentance book: I think I have a lot of friends, and I am proud and proud of what you have to do, like all the stars. To those who want to make use of the power of my hands to make a wealth and violation of law and discipline, lack of profound understanding, only righteousness, and no principle, so that I have a good and bad communication with them.

According to public information, from August 2006 to April 2009, Liang Tao took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others, and received tens of thousands of money and other items for 1 million 288 thousand yuan. In June 25, 2010, Liang Tao was sentenced to eleven years' imprisonment by the intermediate court of Huaihua, deprived of political rights for one year and confiscated personal property of 200 thousand yuan.

Can officials not make friends with businessmen? In this regard, Deng Lianfan, the director of the co innovation center of the construction of clean government in Hunan Province, has analyzed the fact that it is "pro" and "Qing" of the political and commercial relations, or is willing to be "huned", in fact, it is very easy to distinguish. For example, businessmen and officials fishing, occasionally fishing out may be a gentleman's friends, but if often go out fishing, car to pick up the car, shoulder to shoulder, eat drink, all can see the cat.

Experience luxurious clubhouse gradually "happy not to think of Shu".

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is regarded as a typical example of corruption, as well as the former standing committee of the Shandong Provincial Committee and Wang Min, former Secretary of the Ji'nan Municipal Committee. Wang Min is very good at camouflage, with a clean set of faces and a dark shadow on his back. In the impression of his classmates, Wang Min never valued money. After the eight Central provisions of the Central Committee, Wang Min was more low-key, and the banquet was often dressed in cloth shoes, and his classmates recollection of the embarrassment of the year.

According to the website of the Central Commission for the discipline of discipline, Wang Min has repeatedly said in a media interview that his violations of law and discipline mainly occur in the business circle, the official circle, and the relatives and friends. From being fond of being "hunted" to actively catering to and even taking the initiative to indulge in money, power, and loud and malicious containment, they are not happy to learn.

In 1992, Wang Min went to the "club" of Zhao Jin, the juridical representative of Tianjin. The experience made him open his eyes. The luxurious life in the club was very exciting to him. He saw the comfort of other people's life, the environment was so high, the money was so generous, it was the envy of the people and the idea of having a good life with the rich. Over time, Wang Min came from Rome as Rome as the Romans and to "happy not to think of Shu".

It was also from then on that the seeds of greed were quietly planted in Wang Min's mind and swelled rapidly. Over the past 10 years, under the support of Wang Min, Zhao Jin's business has been running smoothly. Because of the many conveniences provided to Zhao Jin, Wang Min bribes him with a lot of money. He seems to regard Zhao Jin as her own "pocketbook" and "ATM". Zhao Jin told Wang Min's "know the truth" and paid bribes of cash, real estate, celebrity paintings and other money to more than 1800 yuan.

However, the dream did not last long. Wang Min was sentenced to 12 years after the incident. In the confession, Wang Min wrote: "it is difficult to fall asleep at night and night, almost every night and half a night. In the daytime, the provincial Party committee notified the meeting that they were afraid of being taken away at the venue. You can't get home when you go to work. The superiors will talk about their work, and they will be afraid of borrowing the dishes. Sitting on the stage during meetings is often absent-minded and hard to sustain. When I was alone, I sighed and hit my head with my fist many times, giving vent to my inner pressure.

The beauties of the hunting officials are also the usual means

Hunting officials, money can not be beautiful, "sexual bribery" is also a common means.

In 2012, Lei Zhengfu, Secretary of the district Party committee of Beibei District of Chongqing, was dismissed and investigated because of the publicity of an indecent video. With the increasing number of materials provided by the reveler, "sexual bribery" has become the most frequent word in the video of Lei Zheng Fu's indecent video. According to reports, some engineering companies in Chongqing will arrange female employees to launch a "public relations" for Lei Zhengfu in order to seize the project.

In June 2013, Lei Zheng Fu was sentenced to thirteen years' imprisonment, deprived of political rights for three years and confiscated personal property 300 thousand yuan.

Just last week, the China Women's newspaper published an article on the issue of sexual bribery again. Experts say that there is no special term "sexual bribery" in China, but scholars have studied it for nearly 30 years. "To solve the problem of sexual bribery, in addition to the criminal law needs other laws to play a role, in addition to legal means, more needs for Party discipline, social security system, good social custom construction and other specimens and treatment" - in the "law and the development of women" round table forum, Beijing Foreign Studies University law school professor, Chinese and foreign low government law Wang Wenhua, executive director of the center for treatment research, said.

Take the initiative to take bribes after being "hunted"

According to the report of the procuratorial daily, the former director general of Wudu District, Longnan, Gansu Province, was identified as the original director of the industry and Information Bureau of Wudu District, who was identified as a bribe of 3 million 320 thousand yuan and 8 million 911 thousand and 600 yuan of unidentified sources of property. The court's trial was sentenced to fourteen years in prison, and all illegal income was confiscated. After being investigated and dealt with by the judiciary, he said with great regret: "those who bribe bosses should be sentenced. They are all evil people."

However, in fact, although he was initially launched by several engineering bosses, he took the initiative in offering bribes. Not only did they use "car" for a long time without compensation, they also issued "hints of money" from time to time. For example, in the name of a child's entrance to university, he asked the businessman for "money and money", and the other party gave him 50 thousand yuan.

Reporters noted that from "hunted" to "willing to be hunted" corrupt officials are few. According to the website of the Ministry of discipline supervision, in the first half of 2002, in order to close the relationship with the director of the industry development secretary of the State Planning Commission Liu tie man, the aluminum alloy project declared by his enterprise was supported, and Liu Tienan, the chairman of a private enterprise, invited Liu Tienan to eat together. After dinner, song handed Liu Tienan a bag and said, "this time, I didn't bring anything to buy you a dress." Liu Tienan declines, and sees a shirt in the bag, and carries the bag onto the train. Back home and opened the box, there was an envelope inside the envelope, containing twenty thousand yuan in the envelope. "I wanted to return, but I still had luck." Although the money made Liu Tienan "tremble", he sent a clear signal to the briber: this person can attack. There are two, and second times are often more direct and violent than the first time.

Since then, the smart bosses have guessed his mind and devised a good way to make him feel more secure and accept bribes. Thus, in the bribe received by Liu Tienan in the late stage, the appearance of his son Liu Decheng appeared. Heard that Liu Decheng went to Canada to study, some private enterprise owners escorted all the way, saddle and horse, the first home from the Lau Cheng Cheng settled properly. During his study abroad, transfer and life, Liu Decheng always provided various conveniences for his boss. After Liu Decheng returned home, all the people were willing to "take" Liu Decheng to start a company and do business together.

The bad man is not better than "hunting"

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