Pu Jinhui and Cui Shunshi took part in the Korean people's compensation.

Pu Jinhui and Cui Shunshi took part in the Korean people's compensation.

Original title: Pu Jinhui and Cui Shunshi are busy again. The Korean people make it a compensation for the loss of the spirit

Overseas network, June 12, local time June 8th, the first trial of South Korea's former President Park Geun hye's civil lawsuit was held in the Central District Court of Seoul. 21 citizens filed a lawsuit demanding that park Geun hye, Cui Shunshi and the South Korean government compensate them for the mental suffering they suffered from the scandal of "abuse of power".

According to KBS, Pu Jinhui's lawyer claims that "civil action can not involve the exercise of power on the basis of the constitution." The legal adviser on behalf of the 21 Koreans said, "Pu Jinhui's behavior is a crime involving abuse of presidential power."

Reported that Pu Jinhui did not attend the first appeal trial of the high court of Seoul on that day. The court said that if Pu Jinhui was absent again in the next trial, he would act in accordance with the criminal procedure law.

Park Geun hye or out of hospital

Park Geun hye, 66, was rushed to hospital last month because of illness, and his health again aroused concern. Some Korean media speculated that, in view of the serious pain of Park Geun hye's waist pain and even difficulty in sitting down, she may apply for a temporary suspension of detention for medical treatment. Earlier this year, Pu Jinhui lawyer Liu Rongxia revealed that Pu Jinhui's health was worrying. She had a recurrent lumbago and no improvement in her knee effusion. She also had severe facial edema due to aggravation of kidney disease. Liu Rongxia said frankly, "I was shocked when I saw her."

On April 6th, South Korea's former president, park Geun hye, was sentenced to 24 years' imprisonment and fined 18 billion won (about 106 million yuan). For this reason, half of the Korean people still feel that the punishment is not enough, but 30% of the people feel that the punishment is too heavy. Park Geun hye, now 66 years old, has been sentenced to 24 years' imprisonment and is 90 years old at the time of her sentence. She also explicitly expressed her abandonment of the appeal.

Park Geun hye is written in a history book in India

According to Yonhap, millions of middle school students in India are studying the "candlelight rallies" in South Korea through a new world history textbook, which details the historic peaceful protest, and the former president of the Republic of Korea, Pu Jinhui, has stepped down.

There is a text in the textbook, "a candlelight rally in South Korea in 2016, and the people asked Pao hye to resign by peaceful demonstrations, showing democracy in South Korea." It is reported that the textbook is published by the national education research and Training Commission of India (NCERT).

For Pu Jinhui, who was ousted, the book said, "because of her father Pu Zhengxi's political legacy, Pu Jinhui had been supported by the people at the beginning of the presidency of the Republic of Korea." But in October 2016, when she asked "boudoir" Cui Shunshi to secretly manage government affairs, she was subjected to a nationwide protest in South Korea, which was impeached in March 2017.

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