Prosecutors intervened in the case of landlord sexual assault suspects mother threatened to kill the report?

Prosecutors intervened in the case of landlord sexual assault suspects mother threatened to kill the report?

Original title: Hangzhou prosecutors involved in "exposure of the landlord sexual assault" case is under review

In June 12th, Xiao Zhang, who was exposed to the sexual assault by landlords, released the latest development in micro-blog. Beijing time @ news from Gongshu District people's Procuratorate was informed that prosecutors have been involved in the case, is still under review, the details of the details can not be disclosed.

Xiao Zhang has been arrested in the micro-blog call building

The girl broke the news that "the alarm was threatened after the attempted rape of the landlord".

In May 18th, Xiao Zhang himself described the experience of attempted rape in micro-blog. She said that in May 8th, he moved from Shandong to Hangzhou and moved out of the house to thank her for a meal.

Xiao Zhang released micro-blog's claim that he had attempted rape by the landlord.

"He pushed me straight on to the bed, the whole body pressed on me, hold my arm with my hand, a hand grabbed me and a hand took off my clothes. I cried out for help, he covered my mouth and kept me out, almost suffocating me, I dared not sound the leg and kicked him". "

In micro-blog, Xiao Zhang also mentioned that he was insulted by the language and body of the building. He found an opportunity to lock out the door and call his cousin to call the police. The building left the scene before the police arrived. She also said she was threatened by a mother of a building when she moved, and she was slapped. In micro-blog, she announced her injured arm and a video of a mother threatening her.

Police issued a police briefing

On the 19 day, the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Gongshu District Branch issued a police information bulletin. It was reported that after receiving a report at 19 in May 8th, a criminal suspect building (male, 25 years old, people in Hangzhou, Zhejiang) had been caught on the night of the report. After a preliminary investigation, the criminal detention was carried out in May 9th on suspicion of compulsory indecency.

After investigation by the public security organs, no signs of fighting were found at the scene of the crime. After being examined by a female victim, the victim was dressed intact and without trauma. After that, the police extracted the biological samples from the corresponding parts of the female victims and sent them for inspection. After initial examination, biological samples were not found in the building.

In May 16th, due to the expiration of the time limit for criminal detention, the Gongshu branch legally released a criminal compulsory measure on the suspect's building for bail pending trial, and continued to investigate the case.

The prosecution has been involved in the case and is still under review

In the process of case investigation, Xiao Zhang's family was threatened by the family of a family in micro-blog. She said that a father of the building took people to her home and heard about it everywhere. She claimed to be her classmate with his own photo, because she had to find her.

She also said that her grandparents were harassed, and their neighbors knew the matter. They did not dare to turn on their cell phones. "Do they have to kill me?" Since then, she has uploaded two videos of her own wrist injury, which has been questioned by the Hangzhou police in Beijing time but has not been confirmed.

Xiao Zhang said his parents had been harassed by a parent.

In June 12th, Zhang announced the latest progress of the case in micro-blog, saying that one of the eastern buildings had been approved for arrest, @ Beijing time and Zhang got contact. She said the Gongshu Branch police told her that Lou was approved in June 8th, but she was not clear about the specific charges.

"The building has been approved for arrest", @ Beijing time from the Gongshu District people's Procuratorate learned that the prosecution has been involved in the case, is still in the review, details of the details of the inconvenient disclosure.

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