Who will pay for tens of thousands of property fees in Nanjing for 7 years?

Who will pay for tens of thousands of property fees in Nanjing for 7 years?

Original title: [purple cow follow-up] Nanjing corpse case villa 7 years in arrears of tens of thousands of property fees, who will pay?

At 2 p.m. on June 12th, 3 hours after the end of the judicial auction, the villas in the Nanjing Jiangning District of Ruijing Wenhua have finished the judicial auction, and the purple cow news reporter of the Yangzi Evening Newspaper came to the field again. Compared with previous auctions, the final result of the auction has added some interest to some neighbors.

Although the auction has been 7 million 860 thousand yuan at the end of the final "fall", but the new owner to the villa "to get hands", and the need to complete a series of delivery procedures. Who will pay for the property fee owed after auction? The reporter interviewed the lawyer.

The original owner arrears sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan of property fee

The 142 auction house, Ruijing Wenhua, is a single family villa. In the afternoon, the reporter had a circle around the door of the villa, the door was covered with dust, and the staircase grew out of the grass. All the people around the house said that since that happened in 2011, the single villa was abandoned.

New owners were created by auction, and everyone was informed by purple bull news and other Internet channels. Therefore, starting from the afternoon, once a stranger approaches, there will be neighbors who will take the initiative to come up and ask, "are you the new owner?"

Many citizens lived here for years, and had been having no concern for the villas that had been abandoned for years, but it was the auction that gave the neighbours a little interest in the villa. During the interview, several residents had been staying in front of the door for a few minutes, and several young men took a few pictures in front of the door in the yard.

The responsible person in charge of the property work of the Nanjing City Tang Hui property company was interviewed by the purple cow news reporter that the villa was uninhabited from 2011. According to the plot villas 2.2 yuan per square metre per square metre, the villa has more than 400 square meters, calculated, accumulated arrears of property costs of 6-7 yuan.

Property company stakeholders said they hoped that when the new owner checked in, they could clear up the property fee before they were in arrears, so as to facilitate the next work of the property company.

Who is to be paid by the lawyer

After the auction, who will pay the property fee owed by the original owner? Before, this topic was discussed on the Internet. To this end, purple bull news reporter consulted Cai Qingtao, senior partner of Beijing silver (Nanjing) law firm.

Cai Qingtao believes that in general, the proceeds from auctions are divided into several situations when creditors are repaid.

If a property fee is defaulted before the auction, the arrears of property fees can be paid by the auction. If there is no public notice before the auction, the property company can sue the original owner before the auction, and can participate in the distribution of the auction after the decision; if the auction has not been shown before the auction, the property fee is not towed. However, property companies have not prosecuted the original owners, so they can only Sue after the auction, requiring the original owners to pay.

Of course, if there are specific requirements in the public notice before the auction, such as the introduction of the subject matter published before the 142 real estate auction of Ruijing Wenhua, it is clear that "property fees, water, electricity, gas and so on: if there are arrears, they are all borne by the buyer."

Mystical bidders surfaced

This morning, after the auction of Ruijing Wenhua 142 villa, the successful confirmation of judicial auction online auction was released. In the auction has been constantly "lifting the cards", the bidding will follow up, and finally made the mysterious bidder of the property to emerge. The confirmation indicates that the bidder named E2197 is Liu Jianhong.

This afternoon, the purple cow news reporter tried to interview Liu Jianhong through the Qinhuai district court to know how to face the past of the villas's murder, why the auction was necessary, and the use of the users after the purchase. However, the court of Qinhuai District declined to be interviewed because of protecting the privacy of the parties and respecting the opinions of the parties concerned.

Purple bull news reporter learned that, despite the success of the auction, but Liu Jianhong to the villa "get hand", also need to complete a series of delivery procedures.

First, you need to pay the tail money. After a successful auction, the deposit will be directly deductible payment, to the court's Alipay account. The tail payment should be paid in accordance with the requirements issued by the court, and there are generally 2 types of payment - directly through the bank card remittance to the court, or payment of the final payment according to the order generated by the judicial auction network platform.

After paying the last payment, the court needs to inquire about the arrival of money. The winning bidder should contact the court about 3 working days after payment.

After handling the delivery procedures with the court, the court's transaction confirmation, judicial ruling, assistance execution and receipts for auction receipts are usually obtained. And then take the court documents and related identity materials to the local functional departments to pay taxes and fees, transfer and complete the delivery process.

How to use the relevant regulations

Before, some netizens felt that the villa had been used as a "secret room escape" because of a murder case.

As for the new owner of the house by auction to get the property to live, investment, or other uses, property companies say, no matter what it does, can not violate the relevant regulations, and can not affect the life of the neighbours. In accordance with the relevant provisions, how to use is the right of new owners.

The new owner bought the exclusive villa at the price of 7 million 860 thousand yuan by auction. How about the market price of the single family villa in the market? The reporter visited a few real estate agents near the District, and the salesman told reporters that Ruijing Wenhua district is a villa area near general mountain. This single villa is in accordance with the normal market value, and the price is more than 12 million yuan.

Sales personnel also said, from the reality of the transaction situation, the intermediary is generally received by the owner of the commission can be sold, this house does not have the owner, the intermediary is not able to sell. In addition, taking into account the reality of the housing market, even in the market even a substantial reduction, it may also be difficult to be sold.

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