Two men beat a girl with a lock, police: the suspect has been arrested.

Two men beat a girl with a lock, police: the suspect has been arrested.

Original title: Liuzhou police notified two men that they had beaten the girls with locks. 1 of them had been arrested.

@ Pingan Liu Nan June 12th news, June 10th 10 o'clock, Liuzhou City Public Security Bureau Liu Nan Branch received a school student was beaten by police. After receiving the alarm, the branch immediately launched the mechanism of emergency disposal and synthetic operation, and set up a task force to investigate. After a day and a night's investigation, the case group was arrested and returned to two suspects (men, 15 years old, Guangxi Laibin City Xingbin District), Tang Mou (men, 17 years old, Guangxi, Guilin City, Guangxi) in Guangxi, Guangxi.

After interrogation, Tang and Qin confessed that in June 8, 2018, his friend and Wu had a contradiction between his mouth and his mouth, and he confessed the fact that he had beaten Wu by his friend.

In June 12th, the public security organs took the compulsory measures for criminal detention in Tang Dynasty according to law; the punishment of 14 days of administrative detention on Qin was punished according to law (since Qin was 14 years old not full of 16 years of age, the punishment of administrative detention was not carried out according to law).

At present, the case is in the process of further handling.

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