Facebook rectify business advertising to allow users to provide shopping feedback.

Facebook rectify business advertising to allow users to provide shopping feedback.

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the late June 12th news, Facebook launched a new feature today, aimed at combating those e-commerce sites that provide goods or experiences that are not in line with advertising.

This new function of Facebook allows users to compare their shopping experience with's advertisements on its website. If a business receives a certain amount of negative feedback, such as poor product quality and slow delivery time, Facebook will warn the business.

In fact, Facebook has two main purposes. First of all, the positive side is that advertisers who do not pay special attention to user shopping experience can improve their behavior after receiving user feedback. Secondly, the opposite side is: if a businessman receives too many negative feedback, Facebook will issue a warning and ask for improvement. Otherwise, Facebook will refuse to provide advertising service to it.

People in the industry say that Facebook's e-commerce advertising business is still in the primary stage. If it does not want to die in the middle of the way, it must improve its credibility, otherwise the user will not click the advertisement.

Facebook product marketing director Sarah Epps (Sarah Epps) said: "we have had a bad shopping experience, such as unable to deliver goods to the door, delivery slow, or product quality, and so on. Users say bad user experience is not only a waste of money, but also a lot of inconvenience. This is bad for users, advertisers and Facebook. "

Epps also said: "for user feedback, we give businesses a certain response time. Many of the hundreds of businesses that we have already provided negative feedback have already taken corrective actions. Without improvement, their ads will not appear in the news feed. So far, business feedback has been positive. " (Li Ming)

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