Ford's autopilot auto company Argo AI, apple and Uber

Ford's autopilot auto company Argo AI, apple and Uber

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the evening of June 12th news, Ford auto driving auto driving car start-up company Argo AI after more than a year of development, now the number of employees has increased by nearly 30 times.

Argo AI, headquartered in Pittsburgh, acquired $1 billion from Ford motor in February last year. Ford aims to catch up with competitors in the field of automatic driving using Argo AI technology.

At that time, Argo AI had less than 12 employees. But now, by recruiting software engineers and robotics researchers from apple, Uber and other technology companies, the number of Argo AI employees has reached about 330.

Argo AI is currently developing an autopilot system, which will be sold to other manufacturers in the future. Ford plans to sell fully automatic driving cars in 2021.

Because of the increasing technology content of automobiles, automobile manufacturers have begun to recruit talents in robotics, computer science and machine learning. But compared with high paid Silicon Valley technology companies, car manufacturers are not dominant. This forced car manufacturers and their suppliers to recruit talents in other ways.

Two years ago, GM bought Cruise Automation, an automatic driving technology company, for about $1 billion. At that time, Cruise Automation had only about 40 employees. But with GM's support, the number of employees has now reached 740.

Matt Pavos (Matt Powers) jumped from Apple Corp to Argo AI, and said that the main reason for the choice of Argo AI was that the company had been supported by a major auto maker (Ford). (Li Ming)

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