Assistant deputy director to study in the United States? What's the matter with charity?

Assistant deputy director to study in the United States? What's the matter with charity?

Original title: subsidized deputy director son to study in the United States? What is going on in this charity?

Today, the netizen @ also sent two Mount Li Ming palaces to the charitable accounts of the Mount Li, and said: "true information disclosure" caused the hot discussion of the netizens.

Where charitable donations go to the public has always been a matter of great concern to the public. It is worth praising the Ming holy palace to dry out its own charitable accounts.

Just... This "honest meeting" is too "Frank"...

Even the son of the assistant director's sponsorship of studying in the United States has been written out:

The charity record in 2013 showed that the charitable merit of the charity would have contributed 20 thousand of the fee to Li Shemin, deputy director of the Xi'an Religious Bureau.

What is this?

Is this screenshot true?

The observer net inquires the official website of Ming Ming Palace and points it into the column of the charity account, showing the same form as the screenshot.

Then the official website could not be opened to remind the web page 404.

Li Shemin, deputy director of the Religious Bureau, is there really anyone?

The screenshots have proved to be real, so who is the deputy director Li Shemin mentioned in the screenshot?

According to the screenshot of the observer network, the Xi'an Municipal Bureau of religion did have a "deputy director" named Li Shemin, deputy director in 2013, as director of the Bureau in 2015, and reelected in 2017.

The protagonist of Mount Li, Ming Sheng Temple, is located in the west of the Mount Li in Lintong District, Xi'an.

It was built in 1992. It was a Taiwan Taoist, a famous patriotic man, Yan Wuxiong and other people who gave a reward for the blessing of Daixian, and donated this to build a large Taoist view, expressing the patriotism of the Taiwan compatriots who were eager to return.

Ming Sheng Gong's "Ming Sheng merit Association" is written in its official website:

Founded in October 9, 2012, the Chinese language is called the Ming and holy palace of Lintong, Xi'an.     

It is a non - profit social group for public welfare charities, and has an independent legal person qualification. It is registered and registered in accordance with the law. It is composed of people from all walks of life and other social organizations who are keen on Taoist philanthropy, love and virtue.       

The observer network overturned the list of the past years of charitable accounts of the official website of the holy palace, and found that in the past years there were basically projects such as "financing the issue of Taoism related publications", "subsidizing Taoist renovations", "subsidizing poor college students", and "subsidizing poor families".

In such a large number of "poor college students", how did they get mixed up with a "deputy director son"?

What's the matter with this charitable account?

The observer net contacted the Ming Shen palace for its full responsibility.

Ren Dao Chang said that the beneficence of charity accounts was governed by merit, and he happened to be the manager of merit society. But as to whether the accounts of 2013 are true, Tao Chang said he did not know the specific account figures: "we funded a lot of college students in a year, and 6, 70 people have been funded from the beginning to the present. (so I can't remember). "

That is to say, he does not know if the account is accurate.

Xiaobian went on to ask why the director of financial aid would go to the United States to study in the charitable accounts. Mr. Ren said this account is not necessarily true.

He said that the entry of various accounts in the temple may be wrong, and this should be a mistake too. "Because sometimes when we type, we will get something wrong on the website, but this will happen." He also said that the accounts for 13 years had been gone for a long time, and he needed further investigation before he could reply.

Then, where is the money from the Ming and Tang Gong Gong's contribution to the outside world? Is there any supervision by the relevant departments?

He said that the merit will be part of the palace of the Ming Dynasty. "Every year we will give a certain amount of money to subsidize the poor college students, the orphans and the widows and the big patients." Some of the money comes from the money donated by our followers.

He stressed that the donation of the merit society was supervised: "when we carry out the funding every time we support the poor, the college students, and when this is done, the Religious Bureau is in charge of these people." "When you enter the website, people who are responsible for the website confuse it."

"But if you say it is not possible to fund this money, it should be impossible, because there are some great philanthropic believers for us, which is basically transparent every year."

In the interview, Ren Tao's attitude was very kind and answered, and many times mentioned that the charitable donations in the temple were transparent.

He said he only started taking over the merit society last year, and some specific questions were not clear enough. In this regard, the observer network will continue to track reports.

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