Trump reminded reporters before lunch: "we are thin."

Trump reminded reporters before lunch:

Original title: Trump reminded reporters: we took the handsome, thin and thin

According to the CCTV CGTN news, the U. S. - DPRK summit was held at the Capella Resort Singapore in June 12th, and President Trump of the United States and Kim Jeong-eun, the top leader of the DPRK, made a historic handshake. After the one-on-one talks and bilateral enlargement meetings, the leaders of the DPRK and the United States and some of them worked together for lunch.

Before lunch, trump said to the press corps, "is everyone good at taking photos? It's nice, nice and thin to take us. Perfect! "

Take a look at the live video.

Observer network video video editor: Tang Sasa

Trump pays so much attention to his image. Let's take a look at the photographing level of this reporter.

Be sure to shake hands first

Courtesy and greeting

The angle must be found well

According to China news network, Trump said he signed a "very comprehensive document" with Kim Jeong-eun. They will publish the contents of the document after the meeting and share the details of the documents at the press conference this afternoon.

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Trump's historic meeting with Kim Jeong-eun in the lion city meeting

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