Vietnam's special economic zone is going to allow more than 99 years of "Anti China" demonstration.

Vietnam's special economic zone is going to allow more than 99 years of

Original title: Vietnam special economic zone intends to allow more than 99 years of land lease "Anti China" demonstration

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Comprehensive Vietnamese media news, in from June 10th to 11th, Vietnam Hu Zhiming City, Nha Trang, Hanoi, Da Nang and many other large-scale "Anti China" demonstrations, and caused riots. The Vietnamese government believes that some "political opportunists" incited the people to March.

The media did not report the number of protesters, but from the photos and videos of social media, the number of protesters was huge. Only in Phang City, Hanoi, police arrested 102 riots who had attacked the government, and protesters in Hanoi and Hu Zhiming were arrested.

The start of the protest is part of the draft of the law on the special economic administrative units of yuntun, North Yunfeng and rich countries, which is to be considered by the Vietnamese parliament in the near future (hereinafter referred to as the Special Economic Zone Law). The draft plans to draw up the three special economic zones in the northern, central and southern parts of Vietnam to attract foreign capital. It also puts forward "allowing the lease of land for production and operation of special economic zones for 99 years".

Although the draft did not mention China, a large number of Vietnamese people launched a demonstration through social media to oppose the Vietnamese government's "leased land to China". The Vietnamese government office in June 9th has already indicated that it has delayed the vote on the draft, and has not yet prevented many demonstrations on the 10 day.

At present, no reports have been reported by Chinese mainland personnel or enterprises in the protest, but Taiwan funded shoemaking enterprises have been affected.

As of the publication, the riots have subsided. The Vietnamese Parliament said on 11 may, after discussion, decided to cancel the provisions of the draft "land use under special circumstances for 99 years".

Local provincial government office building in Vietnam

Vietnam Daily Express (vnexpress), the largest local news portal in Vietnam (vnexpress) in June, said that the Binh Thuan (Phan Thiet) in southern Vietnam was the most serious area affected by the protest. The 10 day of protest evolved into a shock to the provincial government. Hundreds of protesters threw stones and flaming bottles at the police, blocked roads and ignited vehicles. At about 8 o'clock that night, protesters lit a large number of motorcycles stacked outside the office building of the provincial people's parliament and rushed into the building.

The police used tear gas bombs and fire hoses until about 22:30 to calm down the riots under the support of the Ministry of public security's mobile police force.

Police in Ping Shun province said 102 people were arrested in the evening riot, no deaths, but ten police officers were injured.

Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) 11 Daily said the protests in other big cities were quickly controlled, but the provincial authorities faced a greater anger and a local fire station attacked by a local fire station on the 11 day. The encircled riot police put down riot shields and other police weapons to evacuate the place peacefully.

In social media, people have published related pictures and texts:

At the news conference on the afternoon of 11, the Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Ping Shun province said that in the period of peace, people's actions to destroy government offices were unbelievable. The protest led to the collapse of the door of the provincial people's assembly building. More than 10 cars were lit, which is equivalent to a riot and is unacceptable.

Another local official said many protestors were unemployed youth and drug addicts with criminal convictions.

The daily express in Vietnam said protesters were arrested in other areas, and leaders of some "illegal" protests in Hu Zhiming and the neighboring Pingyang province (Binh Duong) were arrested.

10 days ago, Agence France-Presse reported that in the capital Hanoi, about 20 protesters were seen to be taken to the bus by plainclothes police.

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