Direct |Airbnb and make another statement on the new deal in Japan's homestay: it will exceed 30 million dollars.

Direct |Airbnb and make another statement on the new deal in Japan's homestay: it will exceed 30 million dollars.

Sina Technology News June 12th news, in view of the new Japanese new policy, Airbnb Audemars Pigeut said again that the "Japan 2020" plan has been set up in the next few months will be more than thirty million dollars in a series of strategic measures to support the Japanese landlord and tenants.

Last year, Japan started legislation on housing sharing. According to the new law, if the landlord wants to continue to rent a house on the platform, it must complete the registration of the house before June 15th and mark the registration number on the house display page. However, in June 1st, the Japanese government suddenly issued an emergency notice, requiring all short rent platforms to cancel the outstanding reservations that had not been added to the source of the record number on the same day - the landlord in the application registration process was no exception.

Prior to this, Audemars Pigeut Ying has launched an emergency response plan for Japan, including the establishment of a $10 million special support fund for tenants.

Today, Audemars Pigeut announced again that the landlord, which has completed its registration on the Japanese platform since June 1st, will grant a $100 gift voucher for future travel.

In addition, Audemars Pigeut welcomed the formulation of the "Japan 2020" plan. Over the next few months, more than $thirty million will be invested in a series of strategic initiatives to support landlords, tenants and the entire community.

The measures announced by Audemars Pigeut include:

60 cities in Japan are trained and recruited by landlords. In the next six months, Audemars Pigeut will welcome the new landlord recruitment and the old landlord training, and hold training in more than 60 cities in Japan.

Take the initiative to contact each landlord. We will continue to communicate with all landlords who have not completed the registration of housing resources and provide counselling and one to one assistance in their registration process.

The landlord supports service. It will work with companies in the field to provide counselling, legal advice and other services to the landlord to help them complete the necessary complex registration processes so that they can continue to share the living space with tourists.

A multimillion dollar marketing project. In the next few months, millions of dollars will be spent on marketing activities to encourage more people to choose to become Audemars Pigeut's landlords and tenants in Japan.

One station platform. The partnership network is being expanded to give more support to landlords, such as cleaning and key transfer services.

Establish strategic cooperation with real estate partners. Holiday rental housing, which is specially reserved for tourists, is often vacant for weeks or even months. Together with partners, these houses will be put on the platform of Audemars Pigeut to make full use of them.

Vacant Housing Initiative. There are millions of vacant houses in Japan, which can be used to provide unique and authentic accommodation for travelers from all over the world. In the coming months, projects and cooperation will be launched so that these houses can no longer be vacant while they can create experience for tenants.

Revitalize the country of Japan. In 2017, Nara Yoshinosugino's family opened successfully under the help of Audemars Pigeut, and became the first place with both community centers and housing functions. In the next five years, 100 similar rural communities with community centers and housing functions will continue to be supported.

The Epeyoung concert series. In the coming months, more than 20 free Audemars Pigeut concerts will be launched in various Japanese communities.

Agglomerate the community. Cooperation will be carried out with the landlord recommendation clubs in the four major markets of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido to organize regular activities to help existing and potential landlords understand Audemars Pigeut, including how to use the Audemars Pigeut platform to travel and be a landlord.

Epeyoung said at the end of the statement that the implementation of the new law in Japan will make the industry undergo a period of adjustment, but will still be full of expectations for the development of Epeyoung in Japan. (Zhang Jun)

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