Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir corrected: postponing the new high-speed rail is not abolished.

Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir corrected: postponing the new high-speed rail is not abolished.

Original title: Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir changed his mind: the new high speed rail is postponed rather than cancelled.

[text / observer Li Huanyu] long new high-speed rail is only postponed, not cancelled.

Last month, the newly elected Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir, just said he wanted to give up the new high-speed rail. Now he has changed his mind.

According to the Malaysia daily newspaper in June 12th, Mahathir, who is visiting Japan, said in an interview with the Japanese media that the Malaysian government had postponed the plan. In fact, they had also considered the possibility of establishing a "cross Malaysia Peninsula (that is, the Malaysia part of the Malayan Peninsula)".

"We will not say that there will never be a high-speed rail in Malaysia, but the cost of the project is too high. We can only postpone the project temporarily."

This is quite different from his statement in May 28th, when he announced that the Malaysian government had decided to cancel the new high-speed rail project. He stressed that the decision to terminate the new high speed rail project was the final decision, adding that the plan could not make the horse earn a penny.

Cancel? No, no, it's just postponed

"Guanghua daily" 12 Daily in June, 12 Daily said, Mahathir told the media, the long railway program was only delayed (postponed), and did not cancel (not cancelled). He believes that in the current situation, Malaysia is temporarily unable to undertake this plan, which means that the high-speed rail plan "threshold" is still open.

"We can not say that the high-speed rail plan will not appear in our country and will need it in the future."

In his view, the high speed rail will only play a role in a long distance, but it does not contribute much to the close range, "so we need to reconsider the construction of high speed rail."

He said that if Malaysia's capital was not enough, it would have to postpone the plan or narrow the scope of the plan.

These words are quite different from his previous statements. In May 28th, Mahathir announced that it would give up (dropping) the new high - speed rail program and thought it was not necessary (unnecessary project), and then he again stressed this in an interview with the financial times.

However, this position has never been announced to Singapore by the official diplomatic channels. According to Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore's Ministry of Communications issued a statement on the night of May 28th, saying that it had not yet received formal notification from the Malaysian side of the termination of the cooperation project.

In June 1st, the Singapore infrastructure co ordinate minister and Minister of transportation, Xu Wenyuan, issued a voice that the new side had asked Malaysia to show its position on the project through formal diplomatic channels.

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