A dragon boat rower drowned in Anhui: the family has a life jacket but not wearing it.

A dragon boat rower drowned in Anhui: the family has a life jacket but not wearing it.

Original title: also the Dragon Boat tragedy! There will be a life jacket without 1 drowning dragon boat races to the Dragon Boat Race

According to the voice of China, the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated this weekend. Eating zongzi and dragon boat racing is a popular traditional celebration. As a large national sports event, Dragon Boat Race embodies the spirit of patriotism and collectivism. It has become a worldwide sport since today. However, dragon boat racing is a more intense water sport, and accidents are inevitable.

A male rower in Anhui drowned

11 in the morning, 9 o'clock, a dragon boat in the Anqing city of Yi Xiu District Bai Ze Lake Village in the white Zawa community in the water test, a more than 40 year old man rowed inadvertently. Some videos and photos circulated on the Internet show that dozens of people on the scene, including rowers and those involved in the rescue, are not wearing life jackets. In the afternoon of the 12 afternoon, the Dragon Boat leader of the matter was interviewed by the voice of China. The cause of the accident was that the dragon boat was skewed when the turn was turned. "At that time, the ship's rudder was a bit skewed, (the hull) was unbalanced, the man fell off, and then did not see it, and then passed ten or twenty seconds, the man automatically floated, and we saw this." People get up, the first time to save the water, save for three minutes, and later saved, it is really no way, he fell water, do not know where to fall, the water is three or four meters deep, find also can not find. "

"There are lifejackets at home, but they are not worn."

Mr. Ren admits that 28 Dragon Boat players, including him, have life jackets, but they don't wear them. "Our side has a dragon boat race every year from history to traditional festivals, Dragon Boat Festival and so on. Everyone is the lake side, and the lakeside people have nothing in this area (water safety)." It is predicated. Yesterday (11) was random, and came back for lunch. I didn't expect it to happen. "

According to a local village cadre, this dragon boat activity is purely local villagers spontaneously and for the village, in the village before the incident did not know, "they did not pass the dragon boat through our village, received someone falling water, we ten minutes to the scene. It was not organized in the village, nor by the government. It was organized spontaneously by the villagers. The villagers' group was organized spontaneously. In 2015, our community was equipped with 40 lifejackets for each ship. The people just thought, we did not work out, the key is the weak sense of security, we will meet the president of the Dragon Boat meeting also met, the ship must wear a life jacket, but the life jacket on him, he is hot, so some are not willing to wear.

After the incident, local public security, fire protection, blue sky rescue and other relevant departments immediately launched rescue. After many efforts, around 3:40 p.m., the drowning rower was salvaged ashore, and there was no vital signs.

"The masses spontaneously organized" and "did not wear life jackets". These two key words are known as deja vu. In April 21st this year, when the villagers in Xiufeng District of Guilin in Guangxi were rowing dragon boats in the Peach Blossom River, 2 Dragon Boat rollovers occurred, 57 people fell into the water, and finally 17 people died. And after investigation, rowers did not wear life jackets is one of the main reasons. The local dragon boat rowers in Xiufeng District say they can swim, almost no one has the awareness of wearing a life jacket, and no one will wear a life jacket to row a dragon boat.

Similar events have occurred repeatedly

In June 9, 2016, a dragon boat in Minhou District, Fuzhou, was accidentally overturned during the competition. More than 30 people fell into the boat and 3 people lost their union. In June 10, 2013, when a dragon boat show in Xiangyin County, Hunan, a dragon boat show, 36 people on board were completely drowned and 1 22 year old men were killed; a dragon boat in Jianyang, Sichuan, occurred in June 9th the same year, Sichuan Jianyang of Sichuan, Dragon Boat occurred All the players were drowned. All the players were wearing life jackets. The ambulance boats followed and the emergency rescue yachts on both sides of the Taiwan Straits arrived in time. There were no casualties.

Chen Nan, a national first level referee of the dragon boat project, said that, in fact, dragon boat movement because of its uniqueness, ship falling, it is very normal thing, as long as the relevant security measures follow, almost impossible to drown accident, "dragon boat race this dragon boat, transport and mobilize water is a very normal thing." . Don't say that a small competition is a normal national competition. There are very few drowning people. "

How can Dragon Boat Festival get close to dragon boat races and avoid tragedies?

Chen Nan said that the industry has strict requirements for those who can participate in the dragon boat race. Even those unofficial organizations should be trained to meet these standards. "The most basic standard, first, is to swim. If you do not ask if you have this protection, you must be able to swim two to three hundred meters, which is the most basic. Then, our dragon boat players must wear lifejackets when they are on board. Third, when we train, we have professional wave boats, assault boats or motor boats around, and will not let him go alone. If a little more, that is every dragon boat behind the lifeboat in the rear to do the guarantee, the boat has a spare lifesaving ring, life rope, all have to have.

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. At the national dragon boat tournament published by the Dragon Boat Association of China, there are at least 10 large events this month. This is not a provincial, municipal, District, District, and a variety of dragon boat races organized by the folk. The number of players involved in the dragon boat race is more than thousands and less than hundreds.

However, based on concerns about the safety of dragon boat racing, some other places have introduced another plan. On 7 this month, the government of Yongfeng Town, Shuangfeng County, Hunan Province, issued a document that the local river is narrow, the river bed is shallow and the river is curved, and the basic conditions for the dragon boat competition rules are not required. To prevent possible safety incidents, dragon boat races will not be launched during the Dragon Boat Festival. After the media report, the document was revoked.

For security reasons, it is too simple to prohibit the dragon boat race. However, how to strengthen the leadership and management of mass sports cultural activities is also a big article in front of the government departments in various places: to formulate detailed and feasible management rules, to enhance the awareness of the safety and protection of the masses and to configure scientific and reasonable protection measures. In this way, we may be able to escort the dragon boat for thousands of years.

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