Operators are not limited to the rectification, but there are still packages that are not eye-catching.

Operators are not limited to the rectification, but there are still packages that are not eye-catching.

Original title: operators announced rectification "no limit", but there are still packages in a prominent position, "speed limit".

According to the voice of China, the news is reported that in the mobile Internet era, traffic is "just needed". According to the Ministry of information technology, the flow of mobile Internet access reached 15 billion 400 million GB between 1 and April this year, an increase of 209% over the same period last year, accounting for 98% of the total mobile Internet traffic. In the era of universal traffic, many operators also launched the so-called "unlimited" package at the same time, making many "big traffic users" overjoyed.

However, many users reflect that these unlimited packages are not worthy of the name: they will be restricted if they exceed the traffic volume. Even more puzzling by many consumers is that these "hidden rules" are often hidden on the details page of the product, and are marked by gray or small letters. Offline sales offices, telephone customer service personnel in the process of selling unlimited packages, there is also a reminder of insufficient conditions. In response, the Ministry of industry and Commerce recently "shouted" to the three operators, called for self-examination and rectification, and the three operators also responded.

What's the trick behind unlimited packages?

Some time ago, Shenyang citizen Wang Chengyu handled the "unlimited flow" package under the recommendation of local China Mobile customer service. He soon discovered that the speed of mobile phone networks was very slow.

After consulting customer service, Mr. Wang was told that the speed of his packages would be restricted after the traffic reached 10G. Such a key problem is that the staff did not specifically remind him of the package.

Why do you say this restrictive clause is not clear? This question, Mr. Qian of Hefei, is also unable to understand: "I did a 198 yuan unrestricted flow package in April, and the results used to send me a short message in the mid month, prompting my traffic to be 20G of the limit, then only 2G network can be used, the network speed is very slow, the signal is not good. At that time, the salesmen didn't tell me about the 20G quota at all, that's the false unlimited traffic.

The "pit" is more than a speed limit

The reporter's rough combing found that the "unlimited set meal" on the current market included the China Telecom's "sky wing unlimited set", China Mobile's "I use the card", "mobile Wang card" and the unlimited package, as well as China Unicom's "size ice card". Among these packages, there is a commonality of "speed reduction after traffic volume reaches a certain amount".

However, the "pit" hidden in advertising campaigns is not limited to speed limits. In Xinyang, Henan, Mr. Xiang had handled an unlimited flow of traffic. After that, the unlimited quantity was found only for specific software, but the staff did not specify, "this Unicom card I used to find it is not unlimited, because when I went to pay the money, there was a part of the flow fee." Later, I found them to consult the people of China Unicom for half the day to know, in fact, this Unicom card is only for some of the software under the banner of the Tencent is unlimited, other than the browser, or other generated traffic, or the same fee.

Lawyers believe that operators suspected of false propaganda, but the difficulty of safeguarding rights.

While marking the "unlimited volume" of the national traffic volume, we also set up various conditions for "speed limit". Is "unlimited" a false propaganda? Ling Jianhao, a lawyer of Taihe law firm, analyses that the practice of propaganda is not consistent with the practice, so it is likely to be suspected of false propaganda if it is propagandize with unlimited quantity.

But lawyers also said that consumers did not scrutinize that they had been caught in the trap.

For the telecommunications operators "unlimited" package containing hidden restrictions and other publicity issues, the 8 day in June, the Ministry of Ministry of industry and credit departments organized a meeting, clearly required operators to standardize the publicity.

Subsequently, the three major operators issued a rectification statement, which said it would standardize the flow of the package, clear the "speed limit", and further standardize the operation of sales and service channels to ensure the consumers' consumption. Wang Nan, product manager of the marketing department of China Unicom Shenyang branch, said that self-examination brought obvious changes: "we should clearly inform the users of the rules of speed limit in the whole package publicity, tariff publicity, including documents. Secondly, it also standardizes the operation of the whole distribution channel and asks them to prompt them to the customers." The tariff terms such as the flow rate, rate and so on.

Can operators say they can do so after rectification?

In order to call three major operators, the reporter found that the customer service staff will inform the speed limit of the related package.

China Mobile artificial service (10086): the original price of the unlimited set meal is 128, the national flow can be used unlimited, the first 20 G can use 4G network speed, beyond 20 G to start the speed limit, almost 3G network speed this.

China Unicom artificial service (10010): 99 yuan of ice cream set meal, more than 21 G words will be used to limit your speed will be slow, up to 1 megabytes, the average is more than 100 KB, that is, 2G network.

China Telecom artificial service (10000): no limit, but it is the total use of 20 G, the Internet access rate of 1 megabytes, and that kind of set meal is not added to any traffic package.

As of this morning, the editor of the news and horizontal duty combed three big operators in the PC end web, mobile client, WeChat public number and other "unlimited set meal" ads found, China Unicom has been in a number of unlimited packages of the introduction of the main page, by adding a small mark "speed limit instructions". China Telecom is also tagging the main page of "Tianyi unlimited package". But China Mobile still has part of the set meal not in a clear location, such as "I use" traffic package, consumers still need to click "tariff standard", to see the "speed limit" regulations, and annotations are not conspicuous, if you do not click on the standard, you can also direct the purchase of traffic bags.

(reporter: Wang Yiqun, editor: Ma Huan)

Editor in responsibility: Huo Yuang

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