Details of the Golden Summit: "80's" night tour Lion City alerting the media around the world

Details of the Golden Summit:

Original title: the record of "Jin t Hui"

In the past two days, the eyes of the whole world have been focused on the city of Singapore. The twists and turns of the DPRK summit finally settled today.

As a journalist in front of me, I have almost fully experienced the whole process of stimulating this historic meeting.


In the afternoon of June 10th, I arrived in Singapore.

After leaving the baggage at the hotel, my colleagues and I went on a journey to the Rigi Hostellerie where Kim Jeong-eun was staying. At that time, Kim Jeong-eun's convoy had arrived. There was a warning line outside all the hotels, and outside the warning line was a great media reporter.

The local police in Singapore have launched a huge security force. In addition to the traffic police, explosion-proof vehicles, and all armed special police that can be imagined along the way, the Singaporean police have also opened the name of the mercenaries: Gorkha mercenaries.

According to relevant information, 1800 Gorkha soldiers from 6 quasi Military companies are serving the Singapore police.

Inside the hotel, there were occasional North Korean security personnel dressed in suits and wearing badges from North Korea. They also communicated with local police on the spot.

Out of the tense atmosphere of gun firing, the summit also brought a lively element to the city.

Large and small restaurants and bars in Singapore also began to attract customers' inventions with the "golden touch" as a gimmick. Many restaurants have launched the theme hamburgers for the summit. Others are called "world peace hamburgers". Others are called "cowboy pickles hamburgers".

In addition to Hamburg, there are ramen and cocktails, such as "summit ice tea", the symbol of Trump's cocktail with the American Bourbon Whisky as the bottom, the symbol of Kim Jeong-eun's cocktail to join the Korean wine...

In short, restaurants, bars and eight immortals cross the sea, showing no signs of any business opportunities.

"After 80" the night tour of the lion city

June 11th, the day before the summit.

Originally thought that this day is preheating, diplomatic activities is the courtesy meeting between Trump and host Prime Minister Li Xianlong, and there is no heavy task.

Who knows, North Korea's "post-80s" leaders decided to tour the lion city on the eve of the summit. Reporters who stayed at their hotel stayed at the hotel and found that their motorcade left the hotel at about 89 o'clock in the evening.

Well, the news of chairman Kim Jeong-eun's night tour of the lion city has shocked the media around the world.

All the photographers were carrying short guns, running, running, driving, exchanging information with each other, exchanging information all the time, and starting to track Kim Jeong-eun chairman in the city. All of them wanted to grab an exclusive and make a big news.

The predecessors of the two photographer and I first came to the first station of the gold Committee of the golden Commissioner's Binhai Bay Garden, and the heel of the former heel went in. In order to leave the Bay Garden quickly and take a taxi to the next stop, the three of us started the night running mode and rushed towards the direction of the golden sand garden.

As it happened, the second station of the gold Committee was the golden sand air garden. We found a convoy of the chairman of the chairman of the gold Committee. At this time, the guard line was already crowded with the busy Cucumis people and journalists.

It is difficult for the police force to block the traffic for a long time and the traffic can not be stopped for a long time. All kinds of pedestrians can look at the fleet at close distance. Therefore, we can also see the Korean security personnel who sweat and sweat anxiously and communicate with the Singapore Police constantly.

With a scream and the flash of a myriad of cameras, Kim Jeong-eun walked out of the golden sand air garden with his followers and security personnel, and the crowd called "Kim" in the crowd, and even heard the voice and screams of the Korean language. This scene gave reporters a false impression that they were "entertainment journalists".

The third station of the chairman of the gold Committee was the landmark Merlion's Park in Singapore. When we hit the bus to get ready to travel, we met a big traffic jam, and the chairman of the gold committee had already left.

In about an hour or so, we followed the DPRK's "80" footsteps in Singapore's three major scenic spots. The difference is that the chairman of the golden committee is happy to be self absorbed and happy, while all the journalists run sweaty in the sultry Singapore night.

The president's answer to the press

June 12th, the day of the summit.

I am in the United States arranged News Center, the interior is gorgeous, the top two layers are the media workspace, the next floor is the dining area, in addition to the grid supply and television, the work area also provides free coffee and water.

As a result of security needs, the number of media who can go to the Capet La Hotel in Sentosa Island is strictly controlled, and the vast majority can only watch the live broadcast in the news center.

So, when the two leaders shook hands with a historic moment, we could see the center's reporters with a recording pen and a mobile phone to the TV, hoping to record it for the first time and quickly edit it.

After the meeting, the media looked forward to answering the question by the president of the United States at four p.m. Before that, all media personnel had to go through strict security checks and then take a bus to the Sentosa Island from the news center to the morning summit.

After all, the arrangement of the US side involves close contact with the president, so it is very strict and time-consuming. The long dragon of security inspection started from around 12:20 in the news center, almost all the media personnel at half past one finished boarding, many of the news colleagues complained, but they were also patient.

After about an hour's drive, we finally arrived at Sentosa Island.

At the same time, there was a big Oolong bus. The bus stopped at the wrong place. Only a few Japanese journalists carried the equipment to the bottom, hoping to seize the favorable terrain. As a result, a security officer in the United States wore a sunglasses and said, "the bus stops in the wrong place, please go to the car." So everyone returned to the bus in a furious way, and this tossed for a long time.

Finally, it came to the morning summit, where media reporters went through the underground parking lot to enter the presidential press conference, full of secret service agents from the United States and the Singapore police, enough to be a world superpower shelf.

The next is the president's conference.

Trump walked into the conference hall, and some of the media people who were pro Trump applauded, but many mainstream media, which were interdependent with Trump, had no action. The whole question and answer session is very interesting. It can clearly see the relationship between the US government and the media.

Although Trump does not like a lot of mainstream media, the question of question is basically taken care of, and many of the journalists in the mainstream media are old acquaintances of the White House propaganda, and Trump points to their name.

Many mainstream American media of the pro establishment faction lose no time in asking Trump's diplomatic efforts through questioning.

For example, holding North Korea's "human rights" issue, attacking Kim Jeong-eun himself, and questioning the United States having made too many concessions. They know that the summit is a real bonus. We must weaken the summit's bonus effect on Trump by negative reading.

Some journalists seized on the case that the Clinton period and Kim Jong-il reached a consensus (in fact, at that time both the US and the DPRK did not fulfill their commitments), and questioned Trump's excessive trust and concession to the North Korean leaders. Trump said directly, "I know better than you." thank you.

At the end of the conference, the two leaders went back to their homes, and the journalists began to sort out the material. The reporters arranged their makeup to continue to connect with the rear. The police in charge of security were gradually decreasing in the street, and many reporters took a nap on the bus to the new News Center...

I can't help feeling that every person who has experienced this historic moment in Singapore is busy and full.

"Jin t Hui" is historical, but it is only a beginning. The development of relations between the two countries and the settlement of the Peninsula issue need more efforts. So we will certainly see more communication and communication between the two countries.

Those who witness, record and push this "Golden Gate" will be busy again.

Yang Sheng, a journalist of the world times

(from Singapore)

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