21 year old female nurse lost contact with the police: the murderer has been arrested for ex boyfriend.

21 year old female nurse lost contact with the police: the murderer has been arrested for ex boyfriend.

Original title: 21 year old female nurse has lost contact with the police: the murderer has been arrested for his ex boyfriend.

At 1 a.m. on June 13th, the Yanjiang District Public Security Bureau of Ziyang city of Sichuan announced a police statement that the 21 year old female nurse in Yanjiang District of Ziyang had been confirmed dead. After the examination, the criminal suspect Li, that is, Shen Si Hui ex boyfriend (previously reported, the family called Shen Sihui a blind date), Li was killed by Shen Sihui for emotional disputes.

Looking back at the whole incident, at 9 o'clock in the evening of June 10th, Shen Sihui, a 21 year old female nurse in Yanjiang District, lost contact after he went out for a walk. At 8 in the morning of June 11th, Shen mother repeatedly called for alarm after finding no fruit. Monitoring shows that Shen Sihui had a walk with the original relative Lee. 36 hours after losing contact, at 12 noon on 12 noon, the Yanjiang district police informed that it had filed for investigation.

A 21 year old female nurse left home at 9 o'clock and lost contact with her family.

Shen Sihui, a 21 year old female nurse, works in a clinic in Huanglong, Ziyang. "I have worked there for 3 years, and I go home on time every day." Shen Sihui's mother said, 10 at 9 o'clock in the evening, her daughter walked out of the house, said that the community walked, and then did not come back.

Shen said that her daughter went out for about 1 hours. She called her daughter's cell phone and hung up, thinking that her daughter would be home soon. However, after waiting for some time, her daughter still did not come back. "I have been fighting all the time, and no one answered."

On the morning of 11, at 6 a.m., Shen mother called her daughter again, indicating that it had been turned off. Until 8 in the morning, Shen mother arrived at the office of her daughter's office. The boss of the clinic said he did not work overtime on the night of 10, until 9 a.m. on the 11 day, and Shen Sihui did not return to the clinic.

As of 5:30 pm on 11, Shen Sihui's cell phone was still turned off, and her former colleagues sent messages to her WeChat and QQ without responding.

Surveillance showed that the nurse had dinner with the man and eventually went to the surveillance.

Ms. Liu said that when he looked at Shen Sihui's circle of friends, he found that at 6:40 on the afternoon of 10, Shen Sihui sent a circle of friends, which was an advertisement for a series of shops in the Huanglong family. "We guess she might have had dinner there."

Ms. Liu and Shen Sihui's family gathered at the store to find out that Shen Sihui did eat in the restaurant, and there was a man at the same table.

String shop owner introduced, 10 6:25 PM, Shen Sihui reached string shop. Then a man who rode a bicycle shared the meal, and after dinner, he left the shop at 7:34 PM. "They didn't drink or quarrel, they were all laughing and talking in the monitoring."

Shen said her daughter returned home after dinner, at about 8:50 in the evening. "At 9 o'clock in the evening, she said that she would go to the community to take a walk, and then did not come back at 10 o'clock, but she would not answer the phone."

In the afternoon of the 11 day, the police found that the monitoring found that at 9 o'clock that night, Shen Sihui and a man with a meal out of her district, and then go to the direction of the Ziyang Wetland Park. "The man said, halfway, and the daughter did not want to go home, they went home separately." Shen mother said, but as of 9:40 PM monitoring, did not see her daughter's return.

Dinner man had a blind date with a nurse and lost contact for over 36 hours.

On the afternoon of 11, after Shen Sihui's friend identified, the man who had dinner with her was once introduced to her.

"At first, I didn't agree. I never saw this man." Shen said that in 2017, her daughter actually did a favor once, but at that time she did not agree. "So last night, when I went to the community, the men didn't come home. My daughter now has a boyfriend, who has come to see us at home."

Shen Sihui's former colleague said Shen Si Hui had raised a dog before, and because the family objected, he gave the dog to the man. "Recently, the man said he wanted to return the dog to her, and they talked about it when they ate."

Shen mother also confirmed that the police learned from the man's mouth that the two of them had dinner to discuss dog raising. "The police said that when the daughter came home, he would go to the wetland park with the man." Shen said that the man told the police that Shen Sihui had to go home when he went halfway, and he walked from another fork to Wanda Plaza.

"There is no record of their separation in monitoring." Shen said that the man left his phone number and told them that he could always find him to cooperate.

As of 11, 6 pm, the cover news reporter called Lee man phone, no one answered. The cover news reporter saw at the police station of Huai Shu middle road that the police are actively looking for clues.

At 12 noon on 12 noon, the Yanjiang District Public Security Bureau issued a police intelligence bulletin that the public security organ had placed an investigation on file. It was more than 36 hours away from Shen Sihui.

The police informed the woman that the woman had been killed as her ex boyfriend.

On the evening of 11, 8 o'clock, the cover news reporter called Li again. The telephone is successfully connected. Li said he was sending a police investigation in the middle of Huai tree road. The reporter expressed his wish to interview him for details. "Yes, I just want to know some details you know from you." Li was quiet at that time.

11 night 10 Xu, in the locust Middle Road police station, Li's hands back, hand an umbrella, followed the Yanjiang District Branch police out of the police station case District, the Yanjiang District Branch police police brigade police take the police car.

On the 12 day, a press release said that at 6:30 on the evening of 11, Li revealed that when he was separated from Shen Sihui, she was willing to take a taxi, but the road was somewhat biased and the taxi was very few and used to use "dripping cars". If it was a taxi back, it should be a "dripping taxi". Lee said he was Shen Sihui's ex boyfriend and broke up in May.

At 1 a.m. on the 13 day, the Yanjiang District Bureau of Ziyang Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that after receiving the alarm, the police quickly carried out the search and investigation work. At 10 p.m. June 12th, he found the body of Shen Sihui and confirmed that he had been killed.

After a police review, the suspect, Lee, male, aged 26, was a former Ziyang boyfriend in Yanjiang District of Ziyang. He was killed by emotional disputes.

At present, the suspect Lee has been detained by the public security organs according to law, and the case is still under investigation.

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