What does the DPRK leaders meet after the meeting? Experts: involve multiple interests

What does the DPRK leaders meet after the meeting? Experts: involve multiple interests

Original title: what happens after the DPRK leaders meet? Experts: multilateral mechanisms are needed to involve the interests of all parties

Kim Jeong-eun, the supreme leader of the DPRK, and the president of the United States, Trump, held a historic meeting in Singapore yesterday, according to the news of China's "news and cross". The leaders of the DPRK and the United States are here to march together, and at the same time, take an important step in resolving the Korean Peninsula issue politically.

Around 9 a.m., Kim Jeong-eun and Trump arrived at the meeting place respectively, at the Sentosa Island, Singapore. The first meeting of the two leaders of the DPRK and the United States took the flag of the DPRK and the US as the background. The two group posed for the media after the handshake and looked solemn.

Joint declaration signed by both sides

After entering the meeting room and the brief opening, the first meeting of Kim Jeong-eun and Trump was to be held. Then, the two sides held an extended meeting. After that, it was a working lunch.

At 1:42 p.m. and witnessed by various media, Kim Jeong-eun and Trump signed a joint statement. Before signing, Kim Jeong-eun said: "today, we have a historic meeting, and we decided to put the past behind and sign a historic document. The world will witness a major change. "

The contents of the joint declaration were not immediately announced. Until around 3 p.m., Trump's press conference was held before the media got the English version of the communiqu in the hands of the American staff.

The contents include: first, the two countries are committed to the establishment of a new relationship between the United States and the United States. This is in line with the yearning for peace and prosperity between the two peoples. Second, the two countries will strive to create a permanent and stable peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula. Third, reaffirm the content of the declaration of the Panmunjom in April 27th, and the DPRK will be committed to the end of the peninsula. Totally denuclearization; fourth, the two countries will work to discover the remains of the prisoner of war and return the remains of the prisoners of war to the us immediately.

At 4 p.m., at a press conference in the United States, Trump described the significance of the meeting of the DPRK and the US leaders: "today is the beginning of a difficult process." We will wait and see that peace is always worth our efforts. "

Trump highly appraised Kim Jeong-eun's governing ability

At a press conference that lasted for an hour and 05 minutes, Trump was in a high mood. He spoke highly of Kim Jeong-eun's ability to govern and repeatedly criticized earlier US leaders for failing to advance the resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue earlier.

However, the June 12th meeting did not sign a legally binding bilateral agreement for the DPRK and the United States, but a joint statement. A bilateral meeting between the DPRK and the US is hard to lead the Korean peninsula from the current armistice to the final signing of the peace agreement. After that, the parties concerned need more sincerity and continuous consultations. At the press conference after the meeting, Trump publicly promised that he would stop joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. But at the same time, Trump claimed that there will be no reduction of the US presence in Korea. Sanctions against the DPRK will not be lifted immediately.

Experts: after the DPRK US leaders meet, they will involve the interests of all parties and need multilateral mechanisms.

When Trump accepted the proposal of Kim Jeong-eun's meeting in March 8th, the meeting time between the two sides was before the end of May. After that, Tillerson, the former Secretary of state for foreign affairs, was replaced under the instructions of Trump, and the new officer's president Pompeio visited the North Korea quickly, and the Korean leaders met in the Panmunjom. At the end of May, the United States and the DPRK were once in a state of conflict and almost cancelled the meeting plan that had been finalized at that time.

Finally, from the acceptance of the proposal to the first meeting of the Korean and American leaders after the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, the preparations for the DPRK and the United States took more than 3 months. And now it has been almost 65 years since the signing of the 1953 armistice agreement.

International public opinion generally believes that after more than half a century of tension, it is of great and positive significance for the leaders of the United States and the United States to sit together and engage in an equal dialogue.

Wang Junsheng, deputy research fellow of the Asia Pacific and Global Strategic Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that such a consensus and joint communiqu are of milestone significance. "Since the Korean War, even after the end of the cold war, the Korean Peninsula has been in such a cold war pattern. It stands out as a confrontation between the United States and the United States." A tense relationship. The handshake between Kim Jeong-eun and trump, in fact, is a sign of a shift from tension to peace. Shaking hands and sitting down is also a sign of beginning to solve these problems. Leaders of the two countries have made such a direction.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a positive evaluation

Yesterday evening, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the DPRK US leaders' meeting was successfully held and achieved positive results. This is an important step forward in promoting the process of denuclearization and political settlement on the Korean Peninsula. China expressed high appreciation for the political decision made by the leaders of the two countries, welcomed and supported the achievements of the meeting, and made positive comments on the efforts made by the parties concerned to promote the success of the meeting.

Yesterday afternoon, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Geng Shuang also pointed out that the current political settlement process of the Peninsula issue is moving along the direction of "double track and progress" proposed by the Chinese side. "China has always adhered to the denuclearization of the peninsula, upholding peace and stability on the peninsula, and persisting in solving the problems through negotiation." China has put forward the idea of "double pause" and "double track progress". Facts have proved that the "double pause" initiative put forward by the Chinese side has been achieved and the development of the current situation is moving along the direction of "double track". The realization of the meeting between the DPRK and the US is precisely the direction China has long been looking forward to and working hard for. We have always called on both sides of the United States and the United States as the main parties to the issue of the peninsula. We should carry out direct dialogue, establish mutual trust, and resolve problems through peaceful means such as political and diplomatic. China's work on ideas and initiatives and intensive contacts with all parties should be said to have played a positive and constructive role in the development of the peninsula. "

Previously, North Korea has declared a suspension of nuclear pilot tests, and the United States also promised to suspend the United States and South Korea joint military performance during this meeting. Both sides have shown their own sincerity. However, the next negotiation and negotiation will be more complicated. Wang Junsheng pointed out that, in addition to the DPRK and the United States, the other parties concerned on the Korean Peninsula involved in the follow-up consultation work, also has a greater possibility, "from Trump to Kim Jeong-eun in the process of talking his thumbs up, and so on, in fact shows that this meeting is more satisfactory. The meeting reached a principled consensus. I am afraid there are still many details and challenges. We strongly hope to hold bilateral summit meetings between the two sides in the previous stage, but what should we do next? To implement and implement, it involves the interests of other parties. I am afraid that we need a multilateral mechanism from objective needs. In addition, from the top position of the United States, Pompeio also said he would visit relevant countries next. The US side seems to be more active, and the momentum for multilateral cooperation should be greater than before.

(reporter: Zhang Xiaoxuan, editor: Xu Jing)

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