The border and ambition of the HUAWEI layout vehicle network

The border and ambition of the HUAWEI layout vehicle network

Li Na

Despite repeated denial of entering the automotive industry, HUAWEI's every move in the automotive industry has attracted much attention from the outside world.

First, the news of the deep technical cooperation with the Tsinghua University has been widely disseminated, and later is the frequent joint with Audi and other car companies. The OceanConnect vehicle network platform, released at the Hannover industrial exhibition in Germany, has pushed HUAWEI's "car dream" to the climax and the vision of "digital every car". It seems hidden behind the ambition of the company in the automotive industry.

But in the exchange with the author, the HUAWEI official released the attitude as before: HUAWEI focused on the ICT field, and advocated a wide range of cooperation with the automobile manufacturing enterprises. "The company has no plans to enter the auto manufacturing industry, nor has it launched a plan to launch HUAWEI brand cars."

For the outside world about the noise of HUAWEI "car creation", a HUAWEI insider told me that HUAWEI has its own business boundary, in the automobile field, one is not to do the upper application, and the two is not to do the whole vehicle. He stressed that the layout of the car union network is not the same as "car creation", HUAWEI has fully entered the car network, the main reasons are three aspects, one is the industrial space, the two is the demand of the car enterprise, and the three is the HUAWEI business capability.

In fact, in the process of communicating with HUAWEI insiders, it is easy to find that HUAWEI's layout on the Internet of vehicles has already started.

In 2013, HUAWEI officially launched the vehicle module ME909T, which also launched a sustainable investment plan for the field, when the amount claimed was up to 100 billion yuan a year. In the same year, HUAWEI also released pre installed vehicle mobile hotspots, online vehicle diagnostic system, and 3G and 4G communication modules that meet vehicle regulatory standards.

It should be said that at this time HUAWEI has seen the industrial space that can be aroused after the automobile networking. At an industry forum, Yuan Tingqiu, vice president of the HUAWEI Central Research Institute, said, "there are about 100 million lines of the total code for a number of high-end cars. What is the concept? The amount of code inside the car exceeds that of Facebook and Microsoft Office. Yuan Tingqiu believes that cars will be integrated into data centers, computing centers and control centers in the future, and become an inalienable part of us.

In other words, from the overall trend of the car, software is engulfing and occupying the whole industry. Electronic, software, and information are replacing the former mechanical power part of the value center, the car will return to the nature of the vehicle, unmanned driving is the inevitable trend.

And that's the opportunity HUAWEI has seen.

Unmanned cars will bring thousands of times of traffic challenges, computing challenges and data challenges. In the future, autopilot can reach ten times or even thousands of times human driving ability. The processing and processing of massive data is the part of HUAWEI. To some extent, the traditional mechanical manufacturing module in the automobile field is not what HUAWEI values most. In the automotive industry, the driverless core Internet software module and the power battery driven core module are the most valuable modules.

More importantly, this coincides with HUAWEI's digital transformation strategy.

"Every step is full of challenges in the course of an intelligent society, but it is undeniable that the birth of this will be the opportunity and the turning point for a new round of growth. Any enterprise must seize the opportunity to become a digitalized organization, and only in this way can it be left behind. At a conference, Xu Zhijun, chairman of HUAWEI's rotating chairman, said that in an intelligent society, no enterprise can be single. He even said, "it is more likely that HUAWEI will be able to achieve the digital transformation of its own business when the competition between the manufacturers is more violent and the industry speeds up the digitization, and before that, HUAWEI has to invest only in return."

It is also based on the judgement of this trend that HUAWEI's strategy on the Internet of vehicles has become clearer.

HUAWEI became a member of the 5G automotive communications technology alliance, which was jointly established by five telecommunications companies, Audi, BMW and Daimler, Ericsson, HUAWEI, Intel, NOKIA and Qualcomm. The purpose is to promote the application of 5G communication technology in vehicle, speed up the development of vehicle entertainment, automatic driving system and other fields through unified standards, and become one of the three reports of the C-V2X standard of 3GPP.

According to official reckoning, this year, HUAWEI's car "circle of friends" can cover 10 million nets, including the French Peugeot Citroen group, Audi, China FAW Group and Guangzhou steam group.

Ma Haixu, President of HUAWEI's cloud core network product line, believes that the Internet has triggered a deep integration of ICT with the automotive industry to achieve digital vehicles and intelligent services to support the transformation and transformation of the automotive industry, and the platform is an important part of the car network.

At this time, I think of one of the words said by an executive of HUAWEI in an interview. "HUAWEI has always controlled the desire to intervene in other areas. The company's consistent strategy and concept is that you can only go in one area to get into the unmanned area." No man's land means to surpass the existing competitive state. If you want to do anything, you can't do anything. HUAWEI won't be alone and won't eat the whole market. On the business border, HUAWEI has a clear understanding, and it is better for HUAWEI to do a platform than to fight alone. "

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