Beijing and Beijing leaders have signed a cooperation framework agreement after another two months.

Beijing and Beijing leaders have signed a cooperation framework agreement after another two months.

Original title: Beijing and Beijing leaders rejoin each other after two months to discuss the coordinated development plan and sign a framework agreement for cooperation

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Dai Bing, Wang Hao

Yesterday, the Hebei provincial Party and government delegation inspects in Beijing. The two sides signed the "framework agreement for further strengthening the coordinated development of Beijing and Hebei (2018-2020 years)". Cai Qi, Secretary of the Beijing municipal Party committee, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor Chen Jining, director Li Wei of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Wang Dongfeng, deputy secretary of the provincial people's Congress, governor of the provincial people's Congress, governor Xu Qin, and Ye Dongsong, chairman of the provincial CPPCC, are the Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal People's Congress.

In April this year, the Beijing municipal Party and government delegation went to Hebei to study and investigate and collaborate on poverty alleviation and cooperation. Two months later, the two sides also discussed the coordinated development plan in Beijing.

At the symposium, Chen Jining and Xu Qin respectively introduced the work of coordinated development between the two places.

In his speech, Wang Dongfeng pointed out

General secretary Xi Jinping personally ploted to promote the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, reflected the profound strategic vision and the grand strategic pattern, and provided a great opportunity for the high quality development of the three places. We should thoroughly carry out the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping and the party central decision department, and fully support the service of Beijing. For a long time, Beijing has given great support and assistance to Hebei in the aspects of economic and social development, ecological environment protection, poverty alleviation and poverty reduction, and the protection and improvement of the people's livelihood. The cadres and masses in Hebei are deeply moved and encouraged. We should strengthen the synergy development and focus on the cooperative development goal of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, in order to clear the function of Beijing's non capital as the "bull nose", deepen the pragmatic cooperation with Beijing, and push the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to a new step.

We must adhere to the overall situation of service and strive to do a good job in Beijing's non capital functions. We should focus on the construction of concentrated bearing land in Xiong an new area, strengthen communication with the relevant ministries and commissions of the state and Beijing City, work together to study the list, and actively and steadily carry on the work. We should focus on the construction of a world-class city group with the capital as the core, giving full play to the comparative advantages of local cities and doing a good job in the whole province around the key directions and fields. We should pay attention to the service guarantee and cultivation of Beijing enterprises in Hebei, so as to ensure that they can get in, stay and develop. We should carefully learn from the experience of Beijing and fully implement the central government's planning program for Xiong 'an new area. In accordance with the requirements of creating "the quality of Xiong an", we should further improve the planning system of the Xiong an new area and create a new development demonstration area for the implementation of the new development concept. Fully support the construction of Beijing's sub city center and Beijing new airport, and create a favorable environment for Beijing's urban planning and construction. We should conscientiously carry out the "four Olympic Games" policy of general secretary Xi Jinping, complete the plan and plan of the table Beijing, promote the preparation of the Beijing Olympic Games in accordance with the high quality of time nodes, and actively cooperate with Beijing to hold a splendid, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games. We should continue to deepen the first breakthrough, do a good job in the coordinated development of transportation, ecological and industrial key areas, further promote intercommunication of traffic, further develop the joint and control joint control of ecological defense, further deepen the cooperation of industrial docking, further strengthen the cooperation of accurate poverty alleviation and poverty reduction, and work together to create a new Bureau for cooperative development. Noodles。 It

Cai Qi said enthusiastically

The construction and development of Beijing cannot be separated from the selfless help of the people of Hebei. For a long time, Hebei has given us great support in the protection of the ecological environment, the non capital function, the supply of resources, the security and stability and so on. The people of the capital are always in mind.

Since the eighteen Party of the party, we have always adhered to the fundamental adheration of the general secretary of Xi Jinping to the important spirit of speech in Beijing. We have handled well the relationship between the "city" and "city", "house" and "gains", "one" and "promotion", "one nuclear" and "two wings", and firmly grasp the development of the capital, the development of reduced quantity, the innovation and development, and the high quality. The new requirements of the development of the "four centers" should be strengthened, the level of "four services" was raised, the urban development of Beijing was deeply transformed and the new course of the capital modernization was opened.

Cai Qi said

The coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei is a major national strategy promoted by Xi Jinping's general secretary personally. The implementation of this strategy is a major move to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the nineteen spirit of the party. We should take the lead in implementing the various tasks of Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development, firmly and orderly dissolving the functions of Beijing's capital, strengthening the ecological environment governance, promoting the integration of traffic and industrial docking, strengthening public service and sharing, and further forming a vivid situation of one heart, a chess game and a strong drive to promote the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Cai Qi stressed

We must give full support to the planning and construction of Hebei Xiong an New District, and resolutely do what the Xiong new area needs. Focusing on the implementation of the Xiong an new area planning program, the focus is on the transfer of universities, medical institutions, enterprise headquarters, financial institutions and institutions to Xiong 'an new area, deepening the cooperation in the field of public service, building a convenient transportation system, and supporting the construction of Zhongguancun science and technology Park in Xiong an new area. Beijing city deputy center should learn from the Xiong an new area, learn from the advanced planning concept, adhere to the low density construction, strengthen the fine management, and carry the high quality requirements through all aspects. It is necessary to promote the transportation infrastructure, public service and industry of Beijing City sub center to extend the layout of Langfang North Third County, strengthen the planning and construction management of the border area, protect the Chao Bai River Basin, drive the development of the northern third county of Langfang and create a vivid example of the coordinated development.

We should jointly promote the planning and construction of Beijing's new airport airport economic zone and explore the management system and mechanism of integration and integration. To jointly organize preparations for the winter Paralympic Games in Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and effectively transform the "Pingchang Internship" into "Beijing actual combat". We should conscientiously carry out the guidance of the three year action plan to win the poverty alleviation, focus on the poor village and the filing group, improve the working mechanism, take measures to the ground, and help the people of Hebei to win a precise and accurate fight against poverty.

After the forum, Chen Jining and Xu Qin jointly signed the "framework agreement for further strengthening the coordinated development of Beijing and Hebei (2018-2020 years)" on behalf of both sides.

During the period of Beijing, the city leaders Cai Qi, Chen Jining and Li Wei accompanied the party and government delegation of Hebei province to inspect the planning exhibition hall of Beijing City sub center, the construction site of the administrative office area and the construction site of the Beijing new airport terminal building.

Hebei and Beijing led Yuan Tongli, Chen Gang, Xing Guohui, Wang Hao, Fan Zhaobing, Nie Ruiping, Zhou Zhongming, Zhang Gong, yin and Jun, the Secretary General of the provincial government of Hebei, and the Secretary General of the municipal government of Beijing.

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Promote the cooperation between Beijing and Hebei Province, there are bright spots in each area


1. Clear out the function of non capital

A number of general manufacturing enterprises and regional wholesale markets have been adjusted out of which many wholesale markets and enterprises have settled in Hebei.

2. The development trend of "one nuclear and two wings" is initially formed

We fully support the beginning of Xiong an new area and appoint cadres to serve in Xiong an new district. The first phase of the administrative office area of the sub center of the city was basically completed and the major projects were accelerated.

3. The key areas take the lead in breaking through the positive results

The integrated transportation network has been accelerated and the collaborative management of ecological environment has been further promoted.

4. The steady implementation of the integration of public services

We will promote the distribution of high-quality public service resources in Beijing to Hebei, and carry out several key medical cooperation projects with Zhangjiakou, Chengde and other cities.

5. Join hands with Hebei to make preparations for the winter Paralympic Games of Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Since the "Beijing cycle", Beijing and Hebei have convened the mobilization and deployment conference in Beijing and Hebei Province. The key transportation facilities such as Beijing Zhang Gaotie, Xingyan high-speed, Yan Chong high-speed and other key transportation facilities are strained, and water affairs, electricity, meteorology, communication and other security facilities are also being promoted simultaneously.


1. Effective and orderly promotion of the planning and construction of Xiong an New Area

In order to build Beijing's non capital function, we should unlock the centralized bearing land, promote the planning and construction of Xiong an new area with high quality and high standard, and further deepen the overall planning of the new area, the control planning of the starting area, the detailed planning of the starting area control, the ecological environment governance and protection plan of Baiyangdian in accordance with the central requirements. Four comprehensive planning and a series of special plans.

2. New breakthrough in three key areas of transportation, ecology and Industry

A total of 1400 kilometers of "broken road" and "bottleneck road" have been opened up, and the one hour commuter circle around Beijing and Tianjin has been speeded up. We formulated and implemented the "1+18" policy system for comprehensive control of air pollution, and all 18 counties in Baoding and Langfang were cleared. Actively explore the new airport in Beijing new airport, Caofeidian cooperative development demonstration zone and other new models, a number of scientific and technological parks and research and development platforms are built in Beijing and Hebei, and a group of high-tech enterprises have settled in Hebei.

3. Preparations for the Beijing Olympic Winter Games in Zhangjiakou

Of the 76 Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou, 43 projects started last year were accelerated. Of the 22 newly started projects this year, 15 of the projects began to start successfully in May, and the rest were started in succession according to the plan.

4. Expediting the implementation of Beijing Hebei poverty alleviation and cooperation project

From 2016 to 2017, 224 Beijing Hebei poverty alleviation projects have been built, and 220 construction projects have been started. This year, the assistance funds of the Beijing budget arrangement have been allocated to 23 recipient counties.

5. Fully support the construction of Beijing City sub center

The implementation of "support for the construction of Beijing City sub center" was introduced, and the management and control of the planning and construction of the Beijing Hebei border area were fully strengthened. The coordinated planning of Tongzhou District and the northern third County District of Langfang was completed together, and the political "moat" of the capital was firmly established.

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