Official disclosure: my 052D destroyer Guiyang ship will be listed in Beihai fleet.

Official disclosure: my 052D destroyer Guiyang ship will be listed in Beihai fleet.

Original title: official disclosure: 052D Destroyer "Guiyang warship" will be listed in Beihai fleet.

The official authority in Guizhou recently revealed that the 052D Destroyer "Guiyang ship" is going to be listed as the Beihai fleet, and will become the third type of destroyer to serve this year.

Guiyang municipal government government government open website in May 23rd this year issued the "2018" No. 75 Municipal People's Government Office on the issuance of Guiyang city in 2018 national defense education work of the key points (hereinafter referred to as "the" notice ").

The above-mentioned notice mentioned that "we should make good use of Guiyang ship loading opportunity to carry out national defense education and publicity work well. The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the districts (cities and counties) should seize the opportunity of "Guiyang ship", strictly according to the instructions of the superior departments and the requirements of secrecy, and in the whole city, among the people of all walks of life, the banner of slogans, telephone popularization, mobile phone short message, Internet push, outdoor wide board display, newspaper magazine publication and so on are taken. In order to guide the public opinion and support the construction of national defense, support the army and care about national defense education.

In addition, Guizhou Internet Information Office Certification micro-blog @ micro-blog Guizhou issued a message in June 12th, said, "recently, from Guizhou national defense education office and" Guiyang City 2018 national defense education work points "information revealed, previously named as the Guiyang ship 052D China shield drive by ship will be listed! This will be the third 052D destroyer in service in 2018, two of which were 155 Nanjing ships and 118 Urumqi warships. The "Guiyang ship" is the eighth 052D destroyer with a port number of 119. In accordance with the plan, we will serve the 1 detachment of destroyers of the Beihai fleet in the future.

According to the Chinese navy ship naming Ordinance, first class ships (aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers) and nuclear submarines are named by the Central Military Commission, and the two class ships (destroyers, frigates, submarines, large landing ships) and lower level ships are named by the Navy. Among them, cruisers are named by administrative provinces (autonomous regions) or municipalities directly under the central government; destroyers and frigates are named after large and medium-sized cities.

The city of Guiyang, which corresponds to the Guiyang ship, is the capital of Guizhou Province, an important regional innovation center in the southwest of China, and an important ecological leisure and holiday tourist city in the whole country.

The 052D missile destroyer, known as the "shield of China", is a modern destroyer equipped with a phased array radar and a vertical launching air defense missile system after China's 052C destroyer.

It is worth mentioning that in April 12th this year, when the Central Military Commission held a military parade in the sea area of the South China Sea, the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the president of the state and chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping, boarded the Changsha ship, a type of missile destroyer, which was formally listed in August 2015.

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