Tesla shares rose sharply, resulting in a deficit of $2 billion this month.

Tesla shares rose sharply, resulting in a deficit of $2 billion this month.

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Sina Technology News Beijing time in June 13th morning news, according to the financial analysis company S3 Partners estimates that the price of Tesla shares this month's surge led to a setback in the stock, this month's book loss of more than $2 billion.

As the Model 3 is likely to be a good stimulus for a potential productivity target, Tesla's share price has risen by 20.5% since June, which could create the largest single month increase since August 2014.

S3 Partners data showed that the sharp rise in the stock led to a short squeeze and a loss of $2 billion 90 million since June.

The short seller will sell the stock that is offered through the stock exchange, hoping to buy the stock back after the stock price falls.

"If I lose 2 billion dollars a month, it could be one of the biggest losses I've ever seen." S3 Partners, director of New York research, Ihor Dusanivskiy (Ihor Dusaniwsky) said.

Tusa Nieves Ki said he lost $278 million on a loss of $278 million and a loss of $549 million on Monday, according to about 2% of the increase in Tesla's about 2% late in the afternoon. He said it also led Tesla to become the worst stock this year.

On Tuesday, Tesla's shares climbed about 6.9%, the highest in three and a half months of 354.97 dollars. Tesla also announced 9% job cuts on the same day.

S3 Partners said Tesla's empty head was about $12 billion 600 million, with a total capital stock of 37 million 900 thousand shares, accounting for 30% of its capital stock.

The stock prices that have been overmade are sometimes greatly pushed up because traders may scramble to buy stocks to cover empty positions and trigger so-called "empty". However, data from S3 Partners show that this has not happened in Tesla.

In June this year, only a small reduction in Tesla's empty head appeared. (Qiao Fu)

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