The world cup is coming to Hongkong. The Correctional Services Department must crack down on gambling in prison.

The world cup is coming to Hongkong. The Correctional Services Department must crack down on gambling in prison.

Original title: the world cup is coming! Hongkong correctional department should strike the "gambling ball" in prison.

[Global Times comprehensive report] the four annual World Cup will be officially opened in Russia on Thursday. The world cup not only contains business opportunities, but also raises concerns about illegal gambling. According to Hongkong's "Sing Tao Daily" 11 reported that Hongkong Correctional Services Department to strengthen search, and strictly guard against "gambling" in prison.

The report said that the Department of correctional services had been searched at night and across the hospital for more than 3000 times in the first 5 months of this year and seized about 1 million 300 thousand Hong Kong dollar bets and was fully disciplined. In the search, prisoners found strange tricks for gambling. Some people empty the bottom of rubber slippers and hide their own dice. Prisoners who participate in gambling will be subject to disciplinary prosecution. After the trial, they will be eliminated from prison term, isolation imprisonment and wage cancellation. The Hongkong Correctional Services Department has indicated that during the world cup, gambling will continue to be swept away.

The French radio station said a survey by the Hongkong Jockey Club, the only agency of the Hongkong government "the only legal bet", showed that football was the most illegal gambling in Hongkong. The report predicts that during the world cup, Hongkong's illegal bets will reach about 24 billion 500 million yuan, which is likely to be used for criminal activities.

According to a 11 report by Hong Kong media, a survey conducted by the DAB showed that 30% of those under 21 years old had gambling experience, and 10% of them were less than 18 years old. Poole Brick, director of the Hongkong Jockey Club Security Council, said the government needed to establish a sustained and effective strategy to combat transnational illegal gambling. (Du Haichuan)

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