Some Chinese companies are temporarily suspended overseas academics: to take the lead.

Some Chinese companies are temporarily suspended overseas academics: to take the lead.

Original title: Huang Rihan: overseas cooperation must be "harmonious"

Recently, some of the infrastructure projects that Chinese capital companies have invested in the surrounding countries have met the decision of the local government to suspend and renegotiate, and the following news has indeed attracted the attention of some people.

I have investigated some Chinese projects in Burma on the ground. In fact, foreign media reports on these projects have not only a lot of common sense mistakes, but some of them are full of misunderstandings about China's overseas investment. Through the similar experiences that China has encountered in the surrounding countries recently, and the experience of developing some infrastructure projects abroad in China, I think there are four aspects to be paid attention to.

First of all, it is important to be consistent. We often say that friends are united in order to be more harmonious. In the process of overseas investment, it is also faced with such problems. For Chinese enterprises, it is an inevitable trend of history to go out step by step. However, different economic volume, population size, stage of development, and even the mode of thinking are often the main reasons for hindering in-depth cooperation. If we ignore the actual needs of the local countries and the people, to pursue "greater, more complete, more expensive" projects, it is easy to appear "greedy chewing" phenomenon. In fact, just like ordinary people's life, there are different consumption needs at different stages. Today, we look like a $8 billion scale project, which is a big investment for some countries.

Secondly, it is necessary to improve the sense of acquisition of the other party. In the process of building overseas projects, in order to reduce the "debt worry" brought by the local government and the public to large projects, Chinese enterprises can adopt the progressive way, from small to large, from easy to difficult, to create some "model" projects. Or using the "sausage" way, a large project is divided into several parts or several stages to step by step, to avoid the project too large to stimulate the nerve of some people.

At the same time, in the process of pushing forward, we should make the project solid, so that people in the country can truly appreciate the actual benefits of Chinese funded projects. Only in this way can they turn the road to powder and better support the investment of Chinese enterprises in their host country.

Third, the way of publicity should be moderate. In recent years, in order to achieve better news, some media often exaggerate and exaggerate the data of some projects in order to achieve better news. As we all know, in the era of the global village, these messages will soon spread out, and excessive publicity will cause some discomforts to the people in the country where the project is located. Coupled with the fact that many foreign powers and international NGO organizations often look at China's overseas investment projects with magnifying glass, it is easier to give people a handle.

Fourth, the development of vision is critical. Just as it was ten years ago, it was hard to imagine that the high iron would be an ordinary means of transportation, for most developing countries, for a time, the future would also be grateful for the hard work of today. No matter what the project is, if a country wants to pursue sustainable development, it must have a long-term perspective. In cooperation with overseas projects, it is necessary to have a moderate sense of advance, so that the local partners can realize that in this way can we win the opportunity to compete in the future world. Therefore, the two sides need to conduct specific consultations on investment projects, choose projects suitable for the development stage of the country, understand the development needs of the other side, think fully from the perspective of "day and day," and realize the real win-win situation in the realization of development thinking. (the writer is dean of University of International Relations, Huaqiao University assistant, global think tank The Belt and Road Research Institute)

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