Professor India: Shanghai cooperation provides "antidote" for international practical problems.

Professor India: Shanghai cooperation provides

Original title: [India] di Berger: Shanghai cooperation provides "antidote" for international practical problems.

In the toast at the welcome banquet at the eighteenth meeting of the head of the head Council of the SCO member states and the keynote speech on the 10 day, President Xi Jinping, in combination with the current world security situation, economic cooperation, interoperability, and some of the current universal problems of international governance, talked about all aspects of the SCO. The author believes that the principles and future directions of SCO's handling of problems will provide "antidotes" for many practical problems in the international community.

First of all, what is most impressive is the idea of building a SCO community of destiny. President Xi Jinping borrowed the wisdom of Chinese traditional culture and stressed the importance of harmony and unity. As a matter of fact, as early as 5 years ago, President Xi stressed that the dream of the Chinese dream and the people of the surrounding countries will be connected to the hope of a better life and the prospects for the development of the region, so that the consciousness of the destiny community is rooted in the surrounding countries. Since then, he has been promoting the concept and paradigm of the community of fate. Nowadays, insisting on promoting the construction of destiny community has become an integral part of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era. This shows that when China implements bilateral, multilateral, regional and major powers' economic and foreign policies, the concept of destiny community will be consistent with China's actions.

In addition, the concept of common, integrated, cooperative and sustainable security should be incorporated into the community of fate, making it universally attractive and more inclusive. To this end, President Xi put forward five suggestions: the SCO should strengthen the strong strength of solidarity and mutual trust; build a common foundation for peace and security; build a strong engine for common development and prosperity; tighten the common ties of human exchanges and cooperation; and jointly expand the network of international cooperation. I believe that the fate community also contains elements of the rebalancing of civilization, which is always the core of the SCO and nurtured the core value of the "Shanghai spirit". This is also reflected in the advocacy of "civilization mutual learning" overtaking the "clash of Civilizations".

Secondly, the emphasis and general significance of the "Shanghai spirit". The core of the "Shanghai spirit" is to advocate mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilizations and seek common development. The author believes that the "Shanghai spirit" is of universal reference to today, especially the political orientation of unilateralism and protectionism in the world, destroying the existing regional and international order, making or intensifying the contradictions and conflicts between nations and nations. These political orientation undermines multipolarity, superstition, hegemony, containment of others and zero sum games. Against this background, President Xi Jinping advocated the abandoning of the Cold War mentality. Therefore, the "Shanghai spirit" can, in essence, provide "antidote" for the major problems facing the world today.

Third, the success of SCO is inseparable from system building and innovation. The SCO has set up a series of institutions, such as the development fund, the industrialist Committee, the Bank Consortium (President Xi Jinping announced the establishment of a 30 billion yuan equivalent special loan in the framework to support the economic development of the Member States), the regional counter-terrorism agencies, the joint military performance, the media summit and various ministerial conferences. Institutionalization. This makes the SCO one of the most successful multilateral mechanisms in the world, a "new model" for regional economic and security cooperation, as well as innovation in the theory and practice of international relations.

Moreover, the SCO is different from the NATO, the group of seven military alliances and exclusive rich country clubs. It is an inclusive organization, and the country can sit together without being rich and small, and make a decision through consensus. Of course, even though the future is very bright, the SCO will face new challenges like this or that, and President Xi also mentioned in his speech that "the road ahead will not be flat."

Finally, "global governance" is another hot word for President Xi in his speech to the SCO. Although unilateralism creates a deficit and difficulty in governance, the SCO will continue to adhere to the free flow of ideas, technology and goods under the guidance of the "spirit of Shanghai", and look into an interconnected, symbiotic and multipolar world. (B.R.Deepak is a professor at the center for Chinese and Southeast Asian Studies, Nehru University, India.

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