F35 has delivered 300 experts: the five generation of Chinese machines should be quicker.

F35 has delivered 300 experts: the five generation of Chinese machines should be quicker.

Original title: Luo Ma has delivered 300 F-35 experts: the five generation of Chinese machines should be quicker.

Global network military June 13th reported the Global Times reporter of the Global Times special reporter Liu Yang]12 day, a simple math problem in Chinese Army fans triggered a strong sensation: how many fifth generation stealth fighters have been installed in the United States at present? The cause of this problem is that the U. S. military giant Lockhead Martin (hereinafter referred to as Luo MA)'s official website issued a message on the 11 day that the company completed the delivery of 300th production type F-35 fighters. Even if the 300 F-35 has been delivered to a certain number of U. S. allies, the number is still very impressive, and the number of US military stealth fighters is at least 400 if the number of the five - generation U.S. military F-22, which has been in service for many years, has been added.

The single cost will be reduced to $80 million

Luo Ma's 11 day news said that the F-35 joint project office and Luo Ma company delivered 300th production type F-35 fighters, 300th aircraft belonging to the F-35A of the US air force, and will be delivered to the Hill Air Force Base in Utah. The report says 300 F-35, which have been delivered to us and international customers, include 197 F-35A conventional take-off and landing, 75 F-35B short take-off / vertical landing and 28 F-35C shipboard types. More than 620 pilots and 5600 maintenance personnel were trained, and the F-35 fleet accumulated more than 140 thousand hours.

In addition, the production efficiency of aircraft has been raised and the cost has been greatly reduced. As production increases and efficiency increases, Luo Ma is expected to reduce the cost of F-35A to $80 million in 2020, which is equivalent to or below the traditional fourth generation aircraft costs, the report said. The report said that by drawing lessons from previous lessons, Luo Ma improved process efficiency and production automation level, and upgraded production facilities and tools, greatly reducing costs and improving efficiency. The price of F-35A has dropped by more than 60% compared with the price in the first contract.

In the past 5 years, labor costs have decreased by about 75%. Since 2015, the production cycle has been reduced by about 20%. F-35's related enterprises achieved the goal of delivering 66 aircraft in 2017, an increase of more than 40% over 2016. In 2018, the F-35 production team aimed at delivering the target of 91 aircraft and was ready to increase production and strive to achieve an annual production of 160 aircraft in 2023.

Software iteration, the strength of the war

The Global Times reporter was quite surprised when he first saw the number of the 300 extremely iconic nodes, because in the past few years, the "Star" fighter was mostly connected to a series of negative stuff in the process of development and assembly.

An anonymous Chinese military expert told the global times that the news of Luo Ma had to reexamine the development of the highly internationalized five generation of computer programs. While increasing the number, the performance of F-35 is also improving. As F-35 develops equipment according to the mode of edge production, side development, side test and side equipment, in addition to solving the exposed problems, the new ability of F-35 is realized by software upgrading.

The expert uses a series of software iterations of F-35 to illustrate the continuous improvement of the combat capability of the fighter. According to experts, from the beginning of the program, the software team is committed to developing 6 major software versions. The first mature version is Block1A/1B, and Block1 contains 78% of the about 8300000 line source code required for F-35's comprehensive combat capability. Block1A is mainly used for training configuration, while Block1B provides initial multi level security protection. Block2A provides enhanced training functions, including out of plane fusion, initial data link, and electronic attack capability. Block2A achieves nearly 86% of all combat capability. Block2B provides initial operational capabilities, including but not limited to extended data link, multi platform integration and primary weapon delivery. In July 2015, the US Marine Corps announced the Block2B version of F-35 to form the initial combat capability. Block2B has achieved more than 87% of the combat capability. Block3i provides the same tactical capabilities as Block2B. The main difference between 3I and 2B lies in the commissioning of new hardware, especially the upgraded integrated core processor. The air force announced the Block3i version in August 2016 to form its initial combat capability. Using Block3i, 89% of the code required for full combat capability can be used. Block3F provides all the software required for full combat capability, including but not limited to data link images, full weapons and embedded training.

At present, the United States has completed the Block3F version test and began to upgrade F-35 software for early service.

China's five generation machine needs to work harder

By virtue of stealth technology, supersonic capabilities, advanced sensors, advanced weapons capabilities and voyages, F-35 is the most lethal and most capable fighter in history. F-35 is not only a fighter, but its ability to collect, analyze and share data will become a powerful power multiplier and can enhance the capabilities of all air, ground and surface platforms on the battlefield.

Chinese experts said that the 300 F-35 series of fighters included the models delivered to the allies. Even so, with the F-22 aircraft that had been serving for many years, the three U.S. military has now been equipped with more than 400 five generation machines, which is an invisible force. Although F-35 has exposed a lot of problems, including tough injuries, such as poor mobility, it is still undeniable that it is a revolutionary model, and the first time in Israel, F-35I was put into actual combat and experienced the actual test.

The experts believe that by comparison, the equipment and training of China's five generation aircraft should be quicker. China's fighter -20 is also in progress, from the current public situation, the improvement and serialization is in steady progress, the network has recently exposed the images of the fighter -20 suspected "Taihang" engine. But the number of annihilate -20 may still be less. China should transform some advanced technologies into equipment as soon as possible, and then form further combat effectiveness. In addition, whether the Chinese army should equip second stealth fighters, what concepts the second stealth fighters may adopt, and also need to make decisions as soon as possible.

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