China's anti satellite weapons are more active than the US and Russia, but the risks are high.

China's anti satellite weapons are more active than the US and Russia, but the risks are high.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, Geneva, Geneva, June 11, Professor Robert Legge Ward (Robert Legvold), Professor of Political Department of the United States, said during the Luxemburg International Forum on the prevention of nuclear disaster that China was more active in the armament competition in outer space than in the field of anti satellite weapon system development. .

He told reporters, "three countries (Russia, China, the United States) are actively building anti satellite weapons, which is a very destructive potential factor. China is particularly active in this area. If war happens with the United States using conventional weapons in East Asia, it is the key to protecting the country. "

The professor said the problem is that early warning satellites play a major role in the conventional weapons systems of the US sea and air force, and they are also necessary to prevent nuclear weapons attacks.

Experts point out, "so China's use of anti satellite weapons in the conflict of conventional weapons is likely to be wrongly considered to be a nuclear weapon attack by the United States, which is very risky."

As for the so-called anti satellite arms race between China and the United States, China has previously said that, from the contrast of strength, the United States, as the world's first military power, is in the leading position in the construction of military forces. Even in the field of antimissile, anti defensive and hypersonic weapons, the United States is a leading leader. China and Russia put forward the initiative to oppose militarization of space and oppose missile defense technology, but they were rejected by the United States. China and Russia were forced to choose to follow up development.

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