The supreme law retrial of the case of Gu Xiao Jun (pictured)

The supreme law retrial of the case of Gu Xiao Jun (pictured)

Pei Xianding, the chief justice, please sit down.

The first circuit court of the Supreme People's court is now in session.

The defendants Gu Chujun, Jiang Baojun, Zhang Hong, Zhang Xihan, Yan Yousong, Yan Guoru and Liu Ke came to court.

The defendants of the original trial did not let you sit down. Please stand up.

According to the 190th provisions of the interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on the application of the criminal procedure law of the People's Republic of China, the collegial panel has previously verified the status of the accused, the original sentence and the execution of the penalty.

The original trial accused Gu Chujun, such as the false report of the registered capital, illegal disclosure, non disclosure of important information, the case of misappropriation of funds, the Foshan Municipal Intermediate People's court in January 30, 2008 to make a trial decision. After the sentence was declared, he appealed by Gu. The higher people's Court of Guangdong ruled in March 25, 2009 that it dismissed the appeal and upheld the original judgment. In September 2012, Gu Chu made a complaint after he was released from prison. After examination, the Supreme People's court made a decision on Retrial in December 27, 2017, which is being tried by the court. Today, the first circuit court of the Supreme People's Court opened the case to the public in accordance with the law.

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13 years after the trial, Gu tried to reflect the Central Committee's decision to protect property rights.

The retrial of Gu Chujun case will be heard in public in June 13th.

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