3 people convicted in riots in Mong Kok, Hongkong: "Liang Tian Qi" should wake up.

3 people convicted in riots in Mong Kok, Hongkong:

Original title: "Liang Tian Qi" should wake up.

Zhang Qingbo

The riot in Mong Kok, Hongkong, on the Chinese New Year in 2016, is a constant fear. On the night of the incident, hundreds of people rushed to the streets and used sticks and tiles to "fight" to the normal law enforcement police. They burned cars, hit people and damaged public objects. The scars that they had branded on Hongkong that night were still hurting people's nerves.

For two years, Hongkong has been paying the bill for the riot. Prosecution, conviction, sentencing, imprisonment, arrests and evasion, the society has paid a high cost of error correction, and the young people have paid a high price for their lives. Although the arrogance of the troublemakers who have been trying to hide their faces has been extinguished, the slogan "valiant struggle" has long been timid, and the law is using its powerful means to dispose of it, but looking at these jailed young faces, people are still lamenting that the blame is out of their own way.

In June 11th, the high court's judgment on Liang Tianqi, the chief criminal of the incident, again staged such a social and rule of law education, so that people could reflect and wake up. Liang Tianqi, a "native" born in the mainland, a "brave man" in a peaceful environment, a young man who had a good future but chose the way of "Hong Kong Independence", played politics, riot, and hit the police, and ran all the way down and down. People can not help asking, why does a young life bear fruit? Who pushed him when he was about to fall?

The answer has emerged after Liang Tianqi's imprisonment. A well-known barrister of the opposition said that the court decision did not take into account its political motives and ideas, and it was unnatural and reasonable. At this time, a senior legal worker threw the law aside. An official of the former British government said that the Public Security Ordinance, which was based on the judge's decision, was "ambiguous". I wanted to amend it when I was in office. At that time, a politician who once had power and dictatorship was stirring up the flames of self contradiction. A rightist media in Hongkong continues to "see" for Liang Tian Qi and slander Hongkong's law as "evil law". At that time, the newspaper, who was afraid of the chaos of the world, still praised the rioters as "Heroes".

Unremittingly misleading, using the children of other people to rush in the "front", incessantly incited and encouraged the young people of other countries to make things out of the world. It was no black-and-white, good and evil, to proclaim their brainwashing ideas and eulogize violence, and how many young people were pushed to the cliff, and then they were trampled and reaped. Their own political chips. It is not "politicization" and the mouth of the mouth is necessary for politics. It destroys the progressive democratization process under the guise of "democracy", and finds the "one country, two systems" practice of "monitoring" the "one country, two systems" by the Western Anti China forces and the burning of the basic law. These "political personages" who are good at "their own guests and other people 's bills" are not good for Hongkong. How do we contribute and how to educate and help young people grow? No words are clear.

"Liang Tian Qi", it is time to wake up. In the judgment of the high court of Hongkong, the judge said that under the law, only law-abiding and breaking the law, the act of violence deviated from the principle of rational discussion of civilized society, and those who were lawless must be punished. Since the riots in Mong Kok, 28 people have been sentenced to riots, assaulting police officers, criminal damage and other crimes. The lesson is not profound. Heavy costs, young people when painful, no more obsession, repeat the same mistakes, not in the wrong way and on the way between wandering, so that the forces of ulterior motives continue to be shot, the end of the loss of blood, the loss of the future.

From the trial in the Mong Kok riot case, an important revelation has also been received. Maintaining the prosperity and stability of Hongkong is the greatest common divisor of the society, and undermining Hongkong's prosperity and stability means the bottom line of the whole society. In May 9th, the European Union issued a message that the return of Hongkong, under the freedom given by "one country, two systems", has become a prosperous international interchange, and will abide by the rule of law and follow the protection of "one country, two systems" in the future. Foreign organizations still treasure the situation in Hongkong today. How can our own people not cherish their beautiful and rich homeland?

Hongkong needs builders and not saboteurs. They need the striving, not the tearing. They need positive energy, not negative energy. They need to work together rather than run counter. Jump out of the political struggle, lose the illusion of fantasy, put into the surging new era of the tide, go far, to light, young people will have a bright future, Hongkong will have a better tomorrow.

"Those who have gone far behind can still ring for the coming." The haze of the Mongkok riots will eventually dispel, and the rethinking people will seize the good situation in Hongkong, add color to her, cheer for her, pray for her with the builder and the striving, to make her more stable and prosperous.

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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