The Secretary of the provincial Party committee is not even going to this place for 6 times.

The Secretary of the provincial Party committee is not even going to this place for 6 times.

Original title: provincial Party Secretary even went to this place 6 times, but also no one.

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200 kilometers from the provincial capital, along the ravines, all the way across the mountains.

Luo Huining, who has just been in charge of the Shanxi provincial Party Committee for two years, has run 6 times to this national poverty county.

Last two working days last week, in the village of Tian Jia mountain in the town of three jiao in Linxian County, the first Secretary of the Party branch of the village told Luo Huining that they helped to cultivate the road greening. The village realized the safe use of tap water and the economic forest. The village collective had income. The Secretary of the provincial Party committee is also very expert in the work of the end of the village, and the first Secretary of the village has discussed the scientific arrangement of the farming season and the promotion of plastic film mulching to preserve soil moisture.

With villagers, Luo Huining encouraged you to say that the people of the old region have always had a good tradition of self-reliance. As long as we keep this spirit of spirit, we will win the fight against poverty. He also encouraged the first Secretary of the 10009 village Party branches in Shanxi province. He was the leader of the grass-roots party construction, the practice of precision poverty alleviation, the maintenance of harmony and stability, the promoters of the fine tradition, and the explorer of Gomura Yoji.

Two months ago, in from April 9th to 10th, Luo Huining was also in Linxian County. On that occasion, he investigated 5 villages in the "five and Ju" community in the town of Zhuang town to carry out the entire village relocation and resettlement. He suggested that the village planning and design should be prominent in the mountains and the right place, and reproduce the pastoral scenery and local customs.

As early as September 2016, when Luo Huining arrived in Shanxi for only 3 months, she came to Lvliang mountain area and went to Linxian County, the most important task of lifting poverty. He specifically proposed that he should use commercial insurance to pry commercial insurance and raise the ability to pay for serious illness, so as to provide support for solving the problem of poverty due to illness. In the process of tackling poverty, it is also a prescription for the poor areas to explore the use of big data management system for dynamic identification and dynamic adjustment.

In the first year of 2017, Luo Huining went straight to Linxian County's Three Jiao Town, Wu Jia Gou Village. In the edible fungus greenhouse, he set a typical example for the first Secretary of the whole province. The "first secretary" led the village to run cooperatives and drove 92 poor households out of poverty in 4 villages.

5 months later, the Linxian County village survey in from May 6th to 7th, in order not to affect the life of the masses, Luo Huining took the bedclothes and lived in the village of the village of Li Jia Wan in Bai Wen town. The Shanxi Daily reported that he insisted on paying the board fee when he left.

At the end of 2017, Luo Huining began his fourth trip to Linxian County in the cold wind of early winter. Preach the nineteen spirits, research photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, visit poor households and discuss with experts in agriculture to solve the problem of jujube breaking. Feng Junyin, a 68 year old man in Zhai village, deep hill, had no idea that he had waved his legs, and he took a ride from the Secretary of the provincial Party committee.

Let the Secretary of the provincial party go to Linxian County 6 times in two years.

In March 1947, the central land reform mission carried out a land reform pilot in hajiaba village, Bai Wen Town, Linxian County. In the same year, Deng Yingchao, Cai Chang, Shuai Mengqi, Wang Guangmei, Song Danhua and other leading women cadres of the CPC Central Committee came to take part in the land reform work.

In March 25, 1948, the central leaders, such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and congee, held a meeting of the central civil reform group and the head of the three District Committee of the Twin Towers village in the three cross district of Linxian County, indicating that the "left" bias in the soil reform was corrected. Such

In the same year, more than 4500 people in the county joined the army and entered the national liberation war.

Limited by natural conditions, in September 1986, Linxian County was listed as the 11 pilot county for poverty alleviation in the country, and began to struggle over poverty for more than 30 years.

Now, 6400 county and township government cadres enter the village, butt and help, 176 village teams and 465 rural first secretaries are doing their duty and are leading the 145 thousand poverty-stricken people of the filing Li card to get out of the mud.

It's half a hundred miles. Win the fight against poverty, never wait.

General secretary Xi Jinping recently made important instructions for tackling poverty alleviation. He stressed that the time needed to tackle poverty is tight and the task is heavy. We must work hard and work hard. Party committees and governments at all levels, with a more high spirit and a more solid work style, will unite and lead the cadres and the masses with firm confidence and hard work to win a comprehensive victory in the war of poverty and poverty.

It is expected that the poor county, carrying the glorious past, is led by a party branch of the village and a famous party member, to win the hard battle of poverty alleviation and hard work at an early date.

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