Shaanxi Office officials were inspected 1 years ago by real names, claiming that they sold the official price tags.

Shaanxi Office officials were inspected 1 years ago by real names, claiming that they sold the official price tags.

Original title: Shaanxi Office officials checked, 1 years ago was real name Report

Source: "Chang'an Avenue governor" WeChat public number

Late at night yesterday, the Shaanxi Provincial Commission on discipline announced that Hu Zhiqiang, the Secretary of the Party committee of the Shaanxi health planning committee, was suspected of being seriously violating the law and violating the law and is currently undergoing a disciplinary review and investigation.

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) found that, because of the sudden, the Shaanxi provincial Wei Planning Commission website still retained Hu Zhiqiang's information this morning. He was born in September 1963 and was born in the eldest son of Changzhi, Shanxi province. It

In April 2017, Hu Zhiqiang was outgoing as secretary of the Yulin Municipal Committee, director of Shaanxi Provincial Planning Commission and Secretary of the Party group Dai Zheng she took over as secretary of Yulin. Although Hu Zhiqiang went to the Provincial Health Planning Commission, he served as the Secretary of the Party group. Hu Zhiqiang was 54 years old and Dai Dai, who succeeded him, was 3 years old. These "unconventional" arrangements have attracted wide attention at that time.

In July, severe rainstorms occurred in Yulin and serious waterlogging occurred in urban areas. CCTV news 1+1 has produced a phase of "why do we need to prevent" mountain torrents "after seeing the sea? "It pays special attention to the problem of waterlogging in Yulin. It is not isolated at that time. Yulin has been plagued by urban waterlogging for many years. Bai Yansong, the host, asked: is it a lack of money? Or is it short of time? Or can't make up your mind? Or other factors?

Hu Zhiqiang, mayor of Yulin for 3 years and Secretary of the municipal Party committee in 6 years, should bear some responsibility for the problems of Yulin municipal drainage system. In July, the real name of Hu Zhiqiang was reported on the network and social platform. It said that it marked the price of selling officials, accepting huge bribes and making feudal superstition.

Yulin is the energy town of Shaanxi and even the whole country, with the name of "Kuwait in China", in 2016, Yulin GDP ranked second in the whole province, and the per capita GDP even exceeded Xi'an, ranking first in the province. Hu Zhiqiang has been in charge of Yulin for 9 years, which has something to do with his long-term work in the field of energy.

After graduating from the industry and Commerce Administration of Beijing finance and Trade College in 1988, Hu Zhiqiang went to the enterprise department of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and worked in the business office and the foreign capital. In 1993, he entered Huajin coking coal company and began to set foot in the coal energy industry.

In Hua Jin, Hu Zhiqiang served as assistant director and assistant general manager of the office. In 1996, he went to Shenyang group, another big energy giant, Shenyang group, and worked in the industrial development department. He served as deputy manager and director of project division.

In 2001, he arrived in Shaanxi on a westbound journey to Beijing. According to reports, the Central Committee of the time decided the western development, he gave up high income, good treatment work, actively asked to go to the west, successively the Xianyang Municipal Committee, deputy mayor, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee.

In 2005, Hu Zhiqiang entered the Shaanxi provincial government and served as deputy secretary general and member of the general office Party group. In 2008, he came to Yulin as mayor and took over as secretary of the municipal Party committee in 2011.

Yulin has also seen a well-known corrupt official in recent years, Wang Dengji. He served as mayor of Yulin from 2001 to 2006, and later became director of the Department of land and resources of Shaanxi Province, and retired in 2013.

Wang was known for his strong reputation when he was registered in Yulin. He once forced the recovery of the contracted oil well and threatened the boss to arrest others. He is also a famous "fan". He said, "how can a man be successful in Northern Shaanxi? When officials want to go to the provincial and ministerial level, they earn more than one billion, and I am a bit short from the vice provincial level. " In order to promote the provincial and ministerial level, he instructed businessmen to sell 50 million officials for him.

In October 17, 2016, the intermediate people's Court of Langfang sentenced Wang to life imprisonment, amounting to 66 million 243 thousand and 400 yuan in bribes.

In recent years, Yulin has made great efforts to readjust its industrial structure, focusing on the field of deep processing of coal and cultural tourism. On the other hand, it is also appropriate to clear up the political ecology of Yulin.

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