Direct attack |ofo said B2B business revenue exceeded 100 million to achieve 100 city profit

Direct attack |ofo said B2B business revenue exceeded 100 million to achieve 100 city profit

Sina Technology News on the morning of June 13th, ofo announced today that B2B business revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, while at home more than 100 cities to achieve profitability.

It is understood that the ofo B2B division was established 2 months ago, which covers car advertising, App terminal advertising and corporate green cards. Ofo B2B business leader Shao Yi recently revealed in the media interview, "ofo B2B business is progressing smoothly, and the current revenue has exceeded 100 million yuan. At the same time, ofo has made profits in more than 100 cities in China.

In the interview, Shao Yi stressed that "ofo users are high frequency and just required, and tens of millions of bicycles are used by users around the city, and the commercials under the line are highly exposed." In addition, ofo can direct user flow directly to the line or line of advertisers, and advertisers also pay much attention to the integrated marketing and user conversion capabilities of the ofo line advertising resources.

According to the idea of ofo, ofo has customized body ads for advertisers. After being seen outdoors by users, potential user scavengers can ride on the online ceremony vouchers for advertisers. After users get a gift certificate, they can jump or download from the ofo App to a registered active user of advertisers, and users can also ride to advertisers. The offline entity stores enjoy the preferential service. For old advertisers, ofo's advertising exposure and coupons can also help advertisers further improve the activity rate and repeat purchase rate of these old customers.

At present, profit has become one of the most important goals of ofo, which seeks to develop independently. For the exploration of profit model, ofo founder and CEO Dai Wei described the strategic layout of the whole commercialization of ofo in ofo 3rd anniversary. Ofo will be profitable in the future through diversified commercial layout such as B2B, finance, local life, and the cost of vehicle hardware and operation, and a single trip will serve more users free of charge. To create a positive circular business closed loop, but also explore more business possibilities. (Zhang Jun)

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