Questioning the suspected electric shock death: how to guarantee the safety of the heavenly street?

Questioning the suspected electric shock death: how to guarantee the safety of the heavenly street?

Original title: Questioning "suspected electric shock" death: how can people guarantee the safety of the heavenly streets?   

Three days ago, typhoon "Ai Yun Ni" brought heavy rain for several hours. Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing and other places in the Pearl River Delta have occurred in the streets of the public or suspected electric shock - Foshan confirmed that a pair of mother and daughter died in the street; a man in Zhaoqing fell to the ground and died in a hospital. Whether the death was still under investigation was still under investigation; an accidental death of a student in Guangzhou was due to the cause of the death of a student in Guangzhou. Is the cause of an accident or not because of the cause of the death of a student in Guangzhou. Electric shock has yet to be confirmed by the official investigation.

The father of the death student in Guangzhou insisted that his son died of electric shock. He said the death certificate was a "electrical injury", and he also believed that a suspected violation of the electric box near the accident scene of the traffic lights could be the cause of the leakage. After the death of a suspected teenager in Guangzhou, the electric cabinet has been demolished, and the city's waiting kiosk is also conducting an electric leakage check.

Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau accepted the southern + reporters to call on the power supply units and individuals: first, to fulfill the safety responsibility of the power supply facilities management that belong to their own property rights, do well operation and maintenance, standardize the daily electricity inspection; two is strictly forbidden to disorderly connect the electric power facilities, do a good job with the hidden danger of electricity safety and control the safety. Risk.

Four people were suspected of being struck by the storm.

At noon on June 8th, a video of a man suspected of electrocution fell to the Internet in Dinghu District of Zhaoqing. Video showed that the man was soaking in the rain and motionless. The scene police dragged the man away from the suspected leakage area with a stick. Zhaoqing authorities announced that the Dinghu district public security organs received a report "a man suddenly fell to the ground in the new 8th District of Guicheng street, Dinghu District, Maple Road", the police quickly arrived at the police, and the man was sent to the nearby hospital for rescue.

On the 10 day, the head of the Propaganda Department of the Dinghu District Committee told the media that the man had died.

From the video and pictures on the Internet, the dead man was found beside a cement pole and a wire falling on the water. A few days away from the pole, there is a deep green electric box surrounded by iron bars. There are several dangerous signs of "watch out for electricity" around the iron fence.

Reporters from the relevant departments in Dinghu District know that the area has started an independent survey of third parties, and the families of the deceased are sought for autopsy. Whether the death of the dead is still further investigated because of electric shock or other causes.

Han Weihua, a lawyer of Guangdong science and industry law firm, believes that the cause of death has not yet been identified, and it is difficult to judge who is the main responsibility for the accident. Suppose that the deceased died due to electric shock, and whether he should distinguish between high voltage power supply or low voltage power supply when he was responsible for the death, and different modes of power supply involved different subjects of responsibility.

Under the rain, the rainwater of all sides is flowing into the river and rushing to the low lying place, which makes many regions water soaked in varying degrees. As a result, the word "electricity in water" has spread immediately on the Internet.

8 afternoon, in the Guangzhou Baiyun District Airport Road, South Yun West Street intersection of the water pavement, a 17 year old student "suspected electric shock" fell in the water, after being sent to the hospital, then was declared dead. Related videos circulated on the Internet, and the words "leakage of electricity in the airport road and never leave" spread immediately.

Subsequently, the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau responded that: "through the investigation, there is no power line and equipment of the Guangzhou power supply bureau near the incident section", and there is no network transmission of "electric box explosion more people".

The debate on whether the student died of an electric shock has not stopped. Mr. Chang, the father of the student, insisted that his son was killed by electric shock. He said that the death certificate was a "electrical injury".

In June 11th, Guangzhou Baiyun police reported the preliminary investigation of the incident, said: "the dead wading suddenly on the day of the dead, temporarily not exclude the possibility of accident, the specific cause of death to be further identified by forensic medicine and power supply department experts."

In Guangzhou, the young video on the ground soon, the 8 night, the network spread a number of video shows, in a bus station in Foshan, the road has been soaked, some people in the water.

Subsequently, the relevant departments issued a bulletin that, after verification, two of the injured were mother daughter relationship, the two after the rescue was invalid, the death reason was the mother daughter station bus station billboard damp leakage, the station near lead to electric shock.


The announcement of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau said: at 17:46 on June 8th, the Bureau received an emergency response from the Baiyun District government, and there was a mass coma at the intersection of Yun Xi Street in the south of the airport. After receiving the emergency information, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau repair personnel rushed to the scene to verify the disposal. The site was about 40 centimeters of water immersed in the electric shock site. After investigation, there were no power lines and equipment in the vicinity of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau.

However, Mr. Chang, an accidental death boy in Guangzhou, said in an interview with reporters that a device was found near the traffic light at the scene of the accident. The picture provided by him shows that the device has a six hole plugged board and a variety of power lines, in which there is a clear silt mark on the plug, and a suspected violation of the electric box. Mr. Chang believes that this may be the reason for the leakage.

In Foshan, after the public alarm reflects the Fenjiang Middle Road Garden Shopping Plaza in Chancheng District, the bus station of the public transit station has been touched down, the relevant departments are at the site for the first time to be disposed of. The transport department closes all the bus stop power in the District, and organize manpower to conduct investigation overnight. When the staff of Chancheng Power Supply Bureau went to the scene, it was found that the electric shock of the garden square was caused by the leakage of the billboard in the front of the shopping plaza, and the street lights had been notified of the blackout.

It is understood that the state regulations "power supply business rules" clearly stipulates that the scope of operation and maintenance of power supply facilities should be determined according to ownership. "Low voltage power supply customers use metering devices as investment and maintenance demarcation points. The power supply side of the power supply side of the boundary points is invested and maintained by the power supply enterprise, and the power receiving facilities at the boundary points are invested and maintained by customers by the customers. The power industry is not willing to disclose the name of the expert explanation, such as traffic lights video monitoring box, bus station billboard, automatic express delivery box and so on, all belong to low-voltage power supply customers, load side electricity facilities to be invested and maintained by customers. In addition, the 10 thousand volt and 20 thousand volt high voltage power supply customers, if the cable form is connected, the connection point of the public switch room connected to the customer's power line is the investment demarcation point. If an empty line is connected, the first support outside the red line to the customer's power line is the investment demarcation point. The power supply side of the power supply side of the boundary points is invested and maintained by the power supply enterprise.

"If customers encounter changes in metering devices, the power sector is difficult to supervise and manage." The expert said.

After the "Ai Yun Ni" left, the reporter walked onto the streets of Guangzhou and found that there were still hidden dangers in the streets. If the village is being demolished and rebuilt, most of the old buildings have been demolished, but there are still a small number of residents living in the village. The enclosure was transformed from the wall of the golden spike, and the wires were set up in confusion. Some wires were directly "falling from the sky", hanging to the ground, and then "wandering" from the ground to other places.

"There are some electric boxes, though there are electric warning signs, but I do not know if there will be leakage of water immersion." A resident in the neighborhood said that a pedestrian accident caused by a storm in the early days of a rainstorm made him feel "angry", and now he saw some lower electric boxes going around.


On the walkway on Jinsui road in the distance, two electric boxes stand side by side, but the connected wires are not buried "underground", but are exposed to the ground with an insulator. "Will another storm bring insulators to destruction?" Mr. Liang could not help asking questions.


On the Yuexiu District Pier Road in Guangzhou, a telegraph pole beside the road sign, with dozens of communications and other cables intricately entangled, a brand new "close to" logo is tied to the pole. Passing pupils and neighbourhoods kept away from the road sign and hid on the sidewalk on the other side of the road. "Last Friday's rainstorm caused the water to get knee deep here." Ms. Liang, who received the children's school, said that she had been worried about the death of the electric storm on the Internet recently.

The power supply department calls on power users to "fulfill their safety responsibilities".

"No matter how many years it happens, bad weather will always happen." The experts from South China University of Technology School of architecture pointed out that bottom line thinking is particularly important in urban construction and management.

The power supply department said that at 21:00 as of 21:00 on June 11th, the power facilities managed and maintained by the Guangzhou power supply bureau did not occur in a heavy rainstorm affected by Typhoon "ameni", and there were no casualties caused by water leakage. For the suspected electric shock death accident, the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau deplored the reporters interviewed in the South and called on the units and individuals of the electricity use: first, to fulfill the safety responsibility of the power supply facilities management of their own property rights, do well the operation and maintenance, and standardize the daily electricity inspection; two it is strictly forbidden to disorderly connect the electric power facilities and make use of the power facilities. The electric safety hazard is checked and controlled, and the risk of security is strictly controlled. Three is to carry out the construction and completion of the electric power construction and completion and acceptance according to the specifications of the low voltage distribution design and the code for the design of civil buildings.

"Outdoor advertising lamp box, bus stop advertising card, automatic express delivery box and other facilities, the property rights of the people, must strengthen the sense of electricity safety, timely elimination of security risks, prevention in the bud." The person in charge of the Bureau has repeatedly stressed that this heavy rainstorm also reflected that the construction and location of transformer rooms or transformers in residential areas should not be arranged in low-lying or underground, or in the rain weather, it is easy to lead to water blackout and cause safety hazards.

The people of the Guangzhou bus group Station Center said that every bus station in the city of Guangzhou has a circuit breaker equipped with leakage protection. The circuit breakers are overloaded, short circuited or will be tripped in wet weather. When the leakage reaches 30 Ma, that is, the safety value that the body can bear, it will automatically trip, thus protecting the safety of the human body. At the same time, Guangzhou public transport group has two to three monthly inspections of the site facilities.

"It is undeniable that a storm is like lightning and lightning strikes. It is difficult for any city to be thorough and safe. But 'prepare for the bad, strive for the best results', and do a good job of civil defense. The function of the weather forecast is to provide valuable reference and early warning for people to prevent rain and natural disasters. Ms. Liang, a citizen of Guangzhou, pointed out that if the relevant departments do well early warning mechanism for natural disasters before the arrival of the rainstorm, take the most effective measures, provide the most powerful guarantee, do a good job of precaution, pay more attention to safety details, think more carefully and carefully, and take precautions to be more serious, then the danger of "natural disasters and man-made disasters". Risk can be reduced to a minimum.


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