Taiwan troops responded to Han Guang exercises like acting: the melee drill has deterrent effect.

Taiwan troops responded to Han Guang exercises like acting: the melee drill has deterrent effect.

[observer network comprehensive report] according to the media reported in June 13th, Taiwan "Han Guang Xi Gang" ended, the outside criticism of the 7 days in Taichung Qingquan Gang rehearsing like "acting", the Taiwan military high-level said, "if the Taiwan army is very bad, it can not produce such results." Similar to the show style exercise, "to boost morale, deterrence the enemy's effect."

The Taijun "Han Guang 34" live rehearsal for 8 days, but the outside criticism, the 7 day in Taichung Qingquan post base anti air (machine) drills, like in the "acting".

According to the Taiwan "Central News Agency" quoted the top military officers of the Taiwan army, said, "if the Taiwan army is bad, it can not produce such results," the Qingquan gang in Taichung is only one of the training modes. "The show type practice" can not only make the outside world understand the power of the Taiwan army, but it is intimidating to the military "to use the internal force of the military, and to the outside." The effect of the enemy. "

During the anti air (drills) training at Qingquan post base in Taichung, the special forces of the Taiwan Army threw a "enemy" from the top of the two floor.

For example, in the 50 minute drill of Taichung Qingquan anti space (machine), every minute and every second must be well mastered and cannot be cold. As this rehearsal involves joint operations, if the angle of the F-16 and IDF warplanes is too large to delay more than 5 minutes, the appropriate air control is very important.

The report said, what shortcomings should be improved in this exercise? Taiwan military top leaders stressed: "successful exercises will find many problems and shortcomings." But he will not blame the officers and men because of the shortcomings and deficiencies, because the focus of the rehearsal lies in the actual combat, the officers and soldiers should uphold the "play real" mentality practice, because the war will not have a script, should learn to respond to the emergency response.

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