Supreme Court retrial Gu Chu army case opens: Court Gu Jun expresses complaint opinion (map)

Supreme Court retrial Gu Chu army case opens: Court Gu Jun expresses complaint opinion (map)

Gu Chujun, President Pei Xianding: this case is due to the original trial of the defendant Gu Chujun's appeal to start the retrial procedure, according to the judicial interpretation of the criminal procedure law, Gu Chujun, now you can or entrust your defender Chen Shushen to complain. In view of the fact that you have submitted written complaint materials, please briefly state the main points of complaint.

Gu Chujun, the defendant of the original trial: Gu Chujun, the complainant, appealed to the court against the original judgment. The Supreme People's court appointed the higher people's Court of Guangdong to examine and deal with it. During the period, the higher people's Court of Guangdong province did not file a case for retrial. I appealed directly to the Supreme People's court. In December 28, 2017, the Supreme People's court decided to retry the case and review the case. The complainant believes that it is illegal to use public power and judicial power, and the persecution of the private enterprise, which has led to the prosperity of the private enterprise groups, has become persistent overnight. This is a bad case that seriously violated the assets of private enterprises since China's reform and opening up. These accusations were all constructed and completely untenable.

Chief judge Pei Xianding: do you have a supplement to Gu Xiao Jun's defender?

Defender Chen Youxi: agree with the complainant's opinion.

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The Gu Chujun case will be reexamined. He once shouted "the grass man is innocent" and won the SFC.

Gu Chujun: from beginning to end, there is no objective evidence to prove that I am guilty.

13 years after the trial, Gu tried to reflect the Central Committee's decision to protect property rights.

The retrial of Gu Chujun case will be heard in public in June 13th.

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