US media say China will challenge us space supremacy for the first time.

US media say China will challenge us space supremacy for the first time.

"The daily signal" website June 11th article, the original question: China's lunar exploration plan for the United States meaning May 21st, China launched the "magpie bridge" communication satellite. China launched the satellite to support its lunar exploration mission on Chang'e four. China is expected to launch Chang'e four in November or December this year. Chang'e four is not only landing on the back of the moon, but will also send a lunar rover similar to the jade rabbit.

The new lunar exploration not only means landing on the back of the moon for the first time, but also has the opportunity to collect soil samples and detect it, comparing it with the soil samples collected from the front of the moon.

China's lunar exploration project highlights several aspects of the country's space program:

More and more innovation: China shows that it is not simply to imitate other countries' space exploration, but is more and more able to create a new path. Neither the US nor the Soviet Union ever had a spacecraft landing on the back of the moon. In addition, no other countries have launched communications (or other applications) satellites to Lagrange.

Perseverance, stable and steady: China's lunar exploration is not rapid, which is similar to China's manned spaceflight, roughly maintaining the pace of the average task every two years. But every time, Beijing shows perseverance, with the help of stable funds, constantly improving its capabilities, including developing new roads.

The scope of operation is enlarged: the "magpie bridge" communication satellite will operate at L-2 point, 400 thousand miles from the earth, far exceeding 24 thousand miles of the geosynchronous orbit. Beijing is determined to enter different space fields and explore various purposes. The actions of the Chinese will greatly complicate the ability to track various satellites and orbital objects.

Chinese clear their space program with Central Asia and India Ocean region investment plan ("The Belt and Road initiative) together. The US hegemony in space research and business will be challenged. How should Washington respond? (the author Dean Cheng, Chen Junan translation)

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