The US B52 will carry out the upgrade of the projectile cabin and increase its ammunition by 66% to 2040.

The US B52 will carry out the upgrade of the projectile cabin and increase its ammunition by 66% to 2040.

B-52 bomber

B-52 was famous for its large ammunition during the Vietnam War. In recent years, the 159 foot long (48.5 m) large bomber has also been flying from Guam to Afghanistan to support the local military operations. In the 1991 "Desert Storm", there was a shadow of B-52, which attacked a wide range of troops, fixtures and bunkers, which severely hit the morale of the Republic of Iraq guards.

The US air force is currently making technical improvements to the bomber to increase its payload. With the 1760 type of built-in projectile upgrade (IWBU), B-52 can carry as many as 8 bombs in the body in addition to 6 latest "Jay Damm" bombs mounted under each wing. B-52 before the "Jay Damm" bomb, after the upgrade, not only can carry "Jadam" inside, but also carry advanced precision guided weapons such as JASSM.

This upgrade means that B-52 will increase its ammunition by 66%. This allows B-52 to attack more targets with fewer sorties. In addition, the use of built-in cartridge can increase fuel efficiency, because the bomb below the wing can move to the magazine and reduce the flight resistance.

The first upgrade of IWBU is scheduled to be completed in 2017. It will integrate the built-in bomb cabin to launch the laser guided "Jay Damm" bomb. The second upgrade, which will be completed in 2022, will integrate more modern or cutting-edge weapons, such as JASSM, JASSM and MALD. B-52 will also integrate an improved MALD-J "jammer" to interfere with enemy radar.

According to military personnel, IWBU uses digital interface and rotary launcher to increase the bomb load, and the estimated cost is $313 million. Engineers are currently installing the digital data chain, the mobile map display system, the next generation system, the new radio, and the ability to use the built-in cartridge and carry more new weapons for all 76 B-52 bombers.

B-52 has a strong body structure and durability, and can serve until 2040 or even longer. The B-52 wingspan is 185 feet (56.4 meters), with a total weight of about 185000 pounds (about 84 tons) and can fly at a higher subsonic speed at a height of 50 thousand feet (about 15 thousand meters). In 2001, B-52 provided close air support for Afghanistan's "enduring freedom" operation. In March 21, 2003, B-52 launched 100 air launched cruise missiles in Iraq. In view of the role of B-52 in precision bombing and close air support, the next generation of avionics and technology will greatly increase the potential of B-52 in the future. (authorship: Defense Science and technology important news / Li Xiang)

B-52 flying over Afghanistan

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