China's manned submersible technology leads the deep sea warrior localization rate of over 95%

China's manned submersible technology leads the deep sea warrior localization rate of over 95%

Original title: "deep sea warriors" localization rate of more than 95%

"After eight years of hard work, we have finally succeeded in developing more than 95% of the" deep-sea warriors "manned submersible, which symbolizes the arrival of our era of comprehensive research and development in the field of ocean deep technology. At the Jiangsu science popularization Week held by the provincial science and Technology Association, Hu Zhen, the deputy general designer of the "dragon" and the general designer of the "deep sea warrior", said so proudly when he made a special report.

The 702 Research Institute, located in the beautiful Taihu of Wuxi, is an important R & D base for the deep-sea manned submersible in China, and Hu Zhen is one of the main R & D personnel of the Institute. "Over 70% of the earth's area is covered by the ocean. The ocean contains the strategic resources for the sustainable development of human society. It is a strategic space for the national security development. To master the key deep-sea technology is the only way for our country to ensure the safety of the deep sea." Hu Zhen said.

The "deep sea warrior" is the second deep-sea manned submersible in China. Its operation capacity reaches 4500 meters below sea level. We started the "deep-sea warrior" research and development began in 2005, when the "dragon" has begun the sea test, many people do not understand, why have 7000 meters of manned submersible, and to study 4500 meters? " Hu Zhen explained that the "dragon" is a milestone in our country's deep submergence. Although many breakthroughs and brilliant achievements have been made, many technical bases are not very solid, and some technology comes from abroad. To achieve a comprehensive breakthrough in the field of deep-sea technology or self transcendence, it is necessary to tread down the heart. On the spot, we conduct in-depth research on technology and lay the technical foundation for China's deep sea area.

Under the aura of "dragon", Hu Zhen led the team quietly to start the research and development of the "deep sea warrior" 4500 meters manned submersible. Years of grinding a sword, experienced many frustrations, and finally succeeded.

"Through the sea test last year, it showed that the overall performance and practical performance of the" deep-sea warrior "reached the international leading level. Domestic technology and products made the" deep-sea warrior "have the unique advantages of the international similar manned submersible in the fields of electric energy, submerged floating speed, acoustic communication and automatic control. Hu Zhen said that at present, the "deep sea warrior" has been put into use in the South China Sea, and its efficiency, economy and reliability have reached the international leading level. It is the powerful "squat" of the 4500 meter manned submersible, which makes the deep-sea technology and supporting system in our country perfect, making it possible for us to carry through the whole chain of design method, basic material and processing technology, so that we have the ability to continue to go ahead.

After a breakthrough in the domestic technology of the 4500 meter manned submersible, after a rigorous scientific demonstration, our country has started the research and development of the ten thousand meters operating system, including the 10000 meters depth of the manned submersible, unmanned submersible, lander, glider and so on, and began to rush to "ten thousand meters of the sea floor".

"The research and development of the 10000 meters manned submersible is still undertaken by our team. At present, the key technology has been basically solved. The construction and testing of equipment are being carried out. It is expected that the 10000 meters manned submersible will be submersible in the Mariana Trench in 2020." Hu Zhen looks forward that the deep manned submersible is the top challenge in the international marine engineering field. From the "Jiao long" to "deep sea warrior" to 10000 meters, China has not stopped in the field of manned submersibles, never slack off and strive to create a new record.

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