The amendment to the civil code of Japan will be reduced to 18 years by adult age.

The amendment to the civil code of Japan will be reduced to 18 years by adult age.

Original title: Japan's "civil law amendment" passed through the age of adults will be reduced from 20 years old to 18 years old.

[global network reporter Wang Huan] Japan's newly revised "amendment to the civil law" in the morning of June 13th at the plenary session of the Japanese Senate, with the majority of the ruling party in favour of the approval. The revised civil law stipulates that the age of Japanese adults will be adjusted from 20 to 18. The new law will be formally implemented in April 1, 2022 4 years later.

The Yomiuri Shimbun reported that the definition of "adult" has changed, which will have a greater impact on the lives of Japanese people in the future. However, the new law also stipulates that, for the sake of national health, the existing provisions will continue, including those under the age of 20, which are still prohibited from drinking and smoking.

According to the report, if the newly revised civil law is successfully implemented, it will be another 146 years since 1876 when Japan adjusted the age of the adults again. In view of the growing age of young children in Japan, the Japanese government's revision of the law is aimed at promoting young people in Japan to stand up as soon as possible and make more contributions to active society.

At the same time, after the implementation of the new law, the standard of "adulthood" and "underage" in other Japanese laws will be automatically set to 18 years old. This also means that the 18 year old Japanese nationals have the right to perform legal proceedings in accordance with their own wishes and to carry out loans and credit cards independently without the consent of the guardians. In addition, adult age modification will also affect some of the relevant legal requirements such as qualification certificates and driver's license.

Japanese NHK television reported that, in the newly revised "civil law" rules, the age of adults has fallen from 20 to 18, but the age of marriage is set to be 18 years for both men and women, regardless of men and women. In order to prevent consumer fraud caused by the age reduction of adults, Japan will further improve the relevant laws in the next two years.

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