Big V issued "Fan Bingbing's illegitimate child" rumor was claimed 500 thousand court will review

Big V issued

Original title: 65 year old V issued "Fan Bingbing illegitimate child" rumor was claimed 500 thousand Chaoyang Court in Beijing will be heard in court

"Fan Bingbing's illegitimate child exposure is rare, and the nursing photos are released, dad is Sammo Hung." On March 11th, the 65 year old Hubei V Suizhou Xiao Mu Sen forwarded this article in his personal micro-blog "I said I commentary". In May 27th, he received a summons from the court. The plaintiff Fan Bingbing alleged that his reputation right had been seriously violated and claimed $500 thousand.

In June 13th, the upstream news reporter (National News Hotline: [email protected]) was informed by Ms. Yang, the Deputy lawyer of Fan Bingbing, that the Chaoyang District court in Beijing will hear the case in June 25th.

Fan Bingbing described the facts and reasons on the complaint, in March 11, 2018, Xiao Mu sen in his personal micro-blog published a blog post claiming that: Recently, Fan Bingbing's personal child real exposure, more rare Fan Bingbing feeding photos, Fan Bingbing's private son after the exposure, the father of Fan Bingbing's private son is Sammo Hung. The famous blogger in Beijing was exposed by micro-blog in the near photo by Fan Cheng Cheng. The boy in the photo was wearing a pair of black frame glasses, showing a beautiful and cute, and Fan Cheng Cheng was not very similar to Fan Bingbing.

Fan Bingbing believes that Xiao Mu Sen's published articles and articles on the Internet are unfounded and are personal attacks and blatant slanders. At the time of notarization, Xiao Mu Sen's micro-blog account number has reached more than 50 thousand people, and the number of comments and praise of micro-blog has reached more than 8000 times. The spread of defamation speech has been widely spread, which has caused extremely bad negative effects to Fan Bingbing and brought great mental pain and trauma to Fan Bingbing. A serious violation of the right of reputation.

Fan Bingbing's claim is to order Xiao Mu Sen to make an apology in public published newspapers and on the top of the individual micro-blog home page. The apology should include the main contents of the civil judgment in this case. The network apologies for a duration of no less than 90 days; the claim is 200 thousand yuan, and the mental damage is 3. 0 million yuan, a total of 500 thousand yuan.

The petition with Fan Bingbing's signature was dated May 8th.

Xiao Musen introduced that the article was forwarded to others, and it was not long after the forwarding was deleted by micro-blog's background. He was not infringed, and he was ready to sue.

Ms. Yang, the Deputy lawyer of Fan Bingbing, said that Fan Bingbing began to prosecute micro-blog, and after micro-blog told her the author's information, this would be the case with the author.

In addition, the news reporter learned that the same "Fan Bingbing bastard" rumors, and some people have been prosecuted, the complaint is a similar version of the content.

Niu Tai, an upstream journalist

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