5 war zones, army commanders, teaching and answering questions, 13 group army commanders were assessed.

5 war zones, army commanders, teaching and answering questions, 13 group army commanders were assessed.

Original title: focusing on the |5 theater, the army commander answered questions, and the 13 group army commanders were assessed.

In the morning of June 12th, the army commanders of the eastern war zone and the Southern War Zone, respectively, around the "understanding of the situation" and "understanding the superior intentions" and other content through the video conference system to give a long distance to answer questions, the army campaign head of the "five meeting" training formally opened the curtain.

The army chief of staff members of the Department of war was introduced, the training was the actual action to carry out the instructions for preparing the military preparations for the training of the chairman of the landing practice. The 5 war zone army commanders were taught to answer the question, and the 13 army commanders were examined. The aim was to establish "the first practice officer and the strong army first" in the army units. "Bright direction", we should strive to solve the "five no" problems and improve the level and command ability of the campaign command organs.

In order to fight the war and practice the command, the training highlights "three changes", that is, by focusing on the examination of the organs and practicing the staff to the chief officers and the general officers. The commanders of the 5 war zones, respectively, revolve around one of the "five non" problems to prepare lessons for lesson preparation, and the army commander of the group will participate in training for reference. We should practice the tactics of war, practice coordination and practice, and focus on the examination and improvement of the command level and comprehensive ability of the commanders and commanders in the campaign, and the changing of the assessment conditions based on the mission and the corresponding tasks by focusing on the different directions and the same subject, and insisting on the task traction and the union. In principle, it is closely related to the task of fighting in all directions to determine the examination subject, and to fix the examination content in the joint operations, and make the commanders at all levels close to the operational task, strengthen the consciousness of the joint, put into the actual combat environment, and deeply study the battle method. The transformation of the war level has led to the continuous improvement of the preparations for the army's military struggle preparations.

A series of guarantee mechanisms ensure the fairness and impartiality of the training examination. In the army group, the army group of the army groups and above have shown that they should take the problem study, enter the situation research, and aim at the short exercise.

(reporter Qian Xiaohu, Wu Yuanjin)

The 01 edition of the liberation army newspaper in June 13th

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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