French media broke the news that Ma Long ran for presidential leased venue and received "cheap" preferential treatment.

French media broke the news that Ma Long ran for presidential leased venue and received

Original title: French media broke the news that Ma Long ran for president's renting venue and received "cheap" preferential treatment.

[global network reporter Wang Lilan] the French "European Times" on June 12 Daily said that a year after the French presidential election ended more than a year, the French part of the media has been out of new materials, referring to the president's election for the president's rental meeting has been given a special "cheap" preferential treatment.

Following the French "Mehdi Yapa" news website and the May news of the world newspaper, the "Franceinfo" television station said that Mucklow, the candidate for the "Republic forward" movement, enjoyed special "cheap" and "conceal discounts" at the Paris renting theatre as a meeting venue.

According to the report, "Franceinfo" says the cost of renting the Bobino Performance Hall (Bobino) in February 6, 2017 and renting another site in March 8th is "at least 75% cheaper" than usual. The owners of these two venues are "the heads of the French theatre community" and "Friends of Ma Kelong and his wife". "Franceinfo" also pointed out that the "Republic forward" movement has also been rented in a performance hall in Paris for a campaign rally, with the cost of 1200 euros. The socialist candidate, Amon, also renting the site at a price of 4838 euros.

In response, the Elysee Palace reiterated that "the candidate's campaign accounts have been approved by the relevant authorities of the national political campaign and the CNCCFP." Francois Logero, chairman of the committee, insisted that the accounts of Ma long had not been "illegal". In the early May, Mr. Luo said that the discounts obtained by Ma Kelong's campaign were "acceptable", and did not constitute illegal participation in fund-raising and illegal campaign funds.

Mr. Ma Kelong, the campaign director and government spokesman, said that among the major presidential candidates, Ma Kelong's campaign accounts were corrected by the smallest number, only 120 thousand euros, and manhung was corrected by 450 thousand euros, and Marina Bon was corrected by 870 thousand euros.

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