The World Cup "China team" came from strength to see at least four strong.

The World Cup

Original title: World Cup, this "China team" is coming!

The world cup is coming, and the Chinese team is coming. From strength, this "Chinese brand" team can at least break into the top four.

The world cup is almost everywhere in China - four Chinese brands take up 1/3 of the top and two level sponsors, as well as companies that sponsor teams and stars, as well as crayfish, mascots, commemorative coins from China, and so on, which are in a unique way. It shows the close ties between China and the world's first sports soccer. It

How strong is the strength of the "Chinese brand" team

It is not a chance for Chinese brands to gather the world cup. The 40 year reform and opening up has led to the development of China's economy and the renewal of the marketing concept. In the past, the concept of "liquor fragrance is not afraid of the alley" is out of date. "Chinese made" "Chinese brand" must be known to the world to change to "China" and "world brand". It

You know, in 2002, the only time China Football appeared in the world cup, there was no Chinese brand in the sponsorship camp.

In March 2016, FIFA signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wanda Group. Wanda became the top sponsor of the first International Football Association of China. The agreement was valid for 15 years.

Taking the Russian World Cup sponsor Hisense, for example, Hisense sponsored the European Cup in 2016, becoming the first global top sponsor from China in the 56 year history of the European Cup, and now they have become the first Chinese TV brand sponsor in the world cup for nearly 100 years. It

The mascot of the Russian World Cup, a Siberia plain wolf named "Dhabi", is also made by Chinese enterprises. Since July 2013, Hangzhou Fu De Brand Management Co., Ltd. has become the first official authorized company to win the World Cup mascot directly from FIFA.

In addition, the world cup, as the top sport IP, has an unparalleled attraction of traffic, and the Sino Russian jet lag is only 5 hours. Many games are held in the golden time of China. Chinese enterprises are very clear about the development of sports marketing as a global brand. It is necessary to seize the advertising effect of the Russian World Cup. . It

Record! 9 Chinese Super foreign aid

This year, in addition to the unprecedented Chinese brand shining on Russia, the number of foreign players in the Chinese Super League in the Russian world cup has also set a new record.

FIFA statistics show that 736 players include 9 players from 8 Chinese and super clubs, and many are effective in Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Portugal and other strong teams.

If the Chinese Super old will be in Brazil, such as Cahill, Australia, Zhang Xianxiu and Zheng Yourong, as well as the former international, such as Hulk, Oscar, Delta, Gil and so on, this number will increase. It

In 70s and 80s twentieth Century, foreign soccer teams visited China to attract tens of thousands of people to watch matches, reflecting the scarcity of quality sports resources. Since the reform and opening up, economic development has increased the desire of Chinese people for high quality football matches, and Chinese football has been warming up year by year. It

Today, the Chinese League has not only attracted a lot of stars in the years, but also Lippi, Capello, Scolari, Pellegrini and other marshal.

In addition, some games such as the French Super Cup, Chelsea and Arsenal's bird's nest London derby, Brazil to Argentina's South American derby and so on, and so on in China, to varying degrees reflects the popularity of football in China. It

Only after experiencing the great process of reform and opening up can we truly feel the charm of "ordinary things." At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the world cup was only in radio and black and white television. As the world cup was recorded in 1978 and the world cup was broadcast live in 1982, the world cup was gradually approaching more people. It

Nowadays, it is no longer a luxury to go to the stadium to play the world cup. According to statistics, over 40 thousand Chinese fans bought tickets for the world cup in Russia, ranking among the top ten fans from Russia. It

Flag bearer ball boy Chinese football will not be absent in the future

The world cup flag bearer project is part of the FIFA youth project. In April this year, 6 young boys from Danzhai County of Guizhou province were selected as the flag bearers of the World Cup opener by the selection of "2018 Danzhai World Cup little flag bearer".

In addition, during the world cup, 12 Chinese small players, led by the domestic famous Zhu Guanghu, will go to Russia for a friendly match. They will also participate in the opening of the 2018 Russian world cup with the identity of a caddie and join hands with the Russian men's football players.

Wang Dengfeng, director of the sports health and Art Education Department of the Ministry of education, said: "according to the current situation of communication, most of the children in this team will have the opportunity to play with the Russian players in the unveiling of the Russian World Cup. In addition to climbing the world cup, some students also want to go to St Petersburg to be a flag bearer. This is a symbolic moment.  

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