Gu Chujun: the government let me rescue Kelong's Supreme Procuratorate's motives.

Gu Chujun: the government let me rescue Kelong's Supreme Procuratorate's motives.

Judge Zhang Yongjian: now the evidence of fourth sets of evidence is 37-39, 41-45, 47, 49 and 51-53 of the evidence, and all the testimony of the witness. Evidence 37-39 is the testimony of Liu Congmeng, President of Cologne electric appliance, Shenzhen green collar cashier, Shunde green collar teller Mo Shu, and assistant Sun Yong, the president of Shunde green Ke, and the evidence 41-45, respectively, Fang Zhiguo, vice president of Tianjin green and vice president, and the testimony of director Ma Hai Yun, Hu Xiaohui, Huang Dong and Tianjin. Green Cole, Green Cole administrative personnel management cadre Liu Weimin, accounting Li Deyu's testimony and the original trial defendant Yan Yousong, Zhang Hong's identification material; evidence 47, is the testimonies of Shenzhen Green Cole clerk Xia giant bank; evidence 49, 51-53, respectively the director of Guangdong public accounting firm Lu Wu yuan, deputy director of Xu Zhifa, Shunde Flower Bank Chen Xiaomei, He Zhichao, director of the accounting firm of Shunde, Luo Yutian, and Lv Jiaxu, the director of the accounting firm of Guangdong, and the director of the accounting firm. In order to prove that the local government issued a guarantee letter and a temporary annual inspection letter, the Shunde Green Cole completed the registration and annual inspection procedures in the case of no proof of capital verification and the high proportion of intangible assets in the registered capital. In order to improve the registration procedures for the establishment of Shunde Green Cole and reduce the proportion of intangible assets, Gu young army and others, from May 2002 to December, took back and forth, signed false supply agreements, and provided false proof documents, so as to make Shunde Green Cole to change shareholders and shareholders to the former Shunde industry and Commerce Department. The application of the type and proportion of capital contribution is approved smoothly. In the registration of change, Gu Xiao Jun and others falsely reported that the registered capital of currency was 660 million yuan.

What do you think of the evidence of the group?

Chen Youxi, the defender: first, the Liu Congmeng testimony of the qualitative evidence, first, the public security certificate procedure is illegal, the time for Liu Congmeng's evidence from 2:59 in August 15, 2005 to the afternoon to night, 7.5 hours, the authenticity of the evidence has objection. Gu had been questioned for a long time without any doubt about its legality and authenticity. Second, the testimony of Sun Yong, the witness, is located at the conference center of the Shunde district government, which violates the law's requirement for interrogation of witnesses. Gu Xiao Jun's division of labor is responsible for internal and government departments and other external belonging to Liu Congmeng's scope of work. It is wrong to shift all responsibilities to Gu Chujun, including Jiang Baojun, Zhang Xi Han and Liu Yuzhong.

Defender Tong Hanming: the 7.5 hour trial is a violation of the rights of the parties. The inquiry of witnesses should be conducted at the place where the witness is in charge or in the handling organ. The evidence in the group is inconsistent with the ruling. Gu's Jiang Baojun operation is inconsistent with the facts. Gu Lin is responsible for the internal management of personnel appointment, appointment and removal, procurement, and so on. And Shunde green contract with the government is the scope of other people's work. It is wrong to push all the responsibilities to Gu. Evidence 38, at the Shunde Public Security Bureau for 8 hours all night inquiries, although not proposed at the time, but the Public Security Bureau of the evidence is serious illegal, the court to give full consideration. Evidence 39, the place of interrogation is not consistent with the law. Evidence 41, the public security organs take the witness as a suspect to collect evidence, and the legality and authenticity are not recognized. Evidence 42, the evidence is consistent with the first group of evidence, and is not repeated here. Evidence 45, a company's loss is not the reason why it can not invest abroad. Li is an accountant and has no qualification. Evidence 47, the place where the witness inquired was in Longgang, Shenzhen. There was no specific location. The location and identity could not be determined. The content of the proof was not related to the case. Evidence 49, not related to the case. The supply agreement is relatively simple. It is confirmed by the signature of the two sides' units and the signature of the legal representative. Green Cole, Shunde, Tianjin, disclosed the advance payment in the funding report. There was no question of deceiving the business registration department and society. Evidence 51, the testimony of the witness is not related to the case. 52 and 53 of the evidence were not related to the case.

Defender Chen Youxi: capital verification depends on objective documentary evidence, industrial and commercial reports and registration materials, which can not be proved by witness testimony. The authenticity and falsehood of the conduct of capital verification only needs to be examined by the original registration of industry and commerce. If the capital verification and capital injection are false, the original registration should be revoked, and the registration is not revoked now, and it is false and uneffective to deny the capital injection with the testimony of the witness. There is an objection to the legality of witness testimony: there is a threat to the testimony of the witness, and the evidence of the witness is interrogated as a criminal suspect. This way of obtaining evidence is obviously illegal; the authenticity of the evidence is not recognized, the authenticity of the witness testimony in this case can not be recognized, because the testimony of the testimony is weak, and the proof content can not be realized.

Gu Chujun, the defendant of the original trial: at that time, the Supreme Procuratorate handled the case with impure motives, and the whole registration was handled by the trade and Industry Bureau and the Shunde municipal government. The government asked me to save the Kelon Company.

Judge Zhang Yongjian: Gu Chujun, please listen to the court's command and give your opinion on the evidence.

Gu Chujun, the defendant of the original trial: the capital verification of stock transfer has nothing to do with the funds provided by the buyers and sellers. I am willing to transfer the stock right. The capital verification was entrusted by the Shunde municipal government and had nothing to do with me. 900 million yuan of intangible assets is to increase the company's capital and help the company.

Judge Zhang Yongjian: Jiang Baojun and defense counsel of the original defendant, what do you think of the group evidence?

Jiang Baojun, the defendant of the original trial, agreed with the advice of Gu Xiao Jun's defenders. Evidence 37, making Jiang Baojun's operation wrong. 187 million yuan bank repayment is not clear, it is Gu Xiao Jun let Liu to operate instructions I handle. The official seal is the official seal of Shunde green. The money is transferred to the financial department and the relevant voucher is transferred to me.

Defender Sheng Chong: These are arranged and organized by Liu. They should be held accountable by Liu and others.

Judge Zhang Yongjian: this question does not belong to the content of the evidence investigation.

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