Will the United States move further into the Taiwan Strait? National Taiwan office: wishful thinking "the logic of God"

Will the United States move further into the Taiwan Strait? National Taiwan office: wishful thinking

Original title: Taiwan Affairs Office responds to US officials' visit to Taiwan and "Taiping Island rents to the US Army".

China and the new network, June 13 Xinhua news conference held on 13, the spokesman Ma Xiaoguang on the United States officials attended the new pavilion at the Taipei Office of the United States, the Taiwan Land Commission said that the mainland people will strictly trial the mainland people to Taiwan, the Taiwan think tank proposed that Taiping Island rented to the U. S. military and other hot issues to answer reporters questions.

Response to the United States issues

[the Taiwan authorities' self respect will only further undermine cross-strait relations].

US Assistant Secretary of state Mary Royce attended the opening ceremony of the new Taipei Office of the American Taiwan Association. Ma Xiaoguang said the Ministry of foreign affairs of China has made solemn representations to the US side. China firmly opposes any formal official contacts and contacts between the United States and the Taiwan region. The Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities will only further damage cross-strait relations by taking pride in themselves.

[responding to Taiwan think tank's proposal to rent Taiping island to US troops: very dangerous]

Taiwan's green camp think tank suggested that the Taiping island was leased to the US military in the name of "humanitarian assistance" in Nansha. Ma Xiaoguang responded that this proposal is very dangerous. Any words and deeds that are detrimental to the interests of the Chinese nation will be cast aside by compatriots on both sides of the Strait.

[will the United States move further into the Taiwan Strait? Wishful thinking "the logic of God"]

Recently, the Taiwan security department and the green camp scholars have said that the United States will further step in the Taiwan Strait and support the DPP authorities after the stability of the Korean Peninsula. Ma Xiaoguang said that this is wishful thinking "God logic", a major misjudgement of the international situation, and a deliberate misleading to the people of Taiwan.

[stressing once again that the US side should abide by the one China principle.

US Defense Secretary Matisse said the US Defense Department will be steadfast to cooperate with Taiwan and provide Taiwan with the necessary arms and defense services. Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that he firmly opposes any official contacts and military contacts between the United States and Taiwan. The United States should earnestly abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, so as not to undermine Sino US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

[resolutely against Cai Yingwen or "transit" of the United States]

Cai Yingwen, the leader of the Taiwan region, visited Paraguay in August to "transit" to the United States. Ma Xiaoguang responded that we always treated Taiwan's external contacts with the one China principle. Firmly oppose any attempt to create "two Chinas", "one China, one Taiwan" and "Taiwan independence" internationally.

On the trend of Taiwan Island

[responding to Taiwan's "Olympic referendum": it will be self eating.)

It is reported that the DPP is supporting the "Taiwan independence" group joint campaign to launch a number of "public referendums", such as the five star red flag and the participation of Taiwan in international organizations. Ma Xiaoguang said the DPP authorities did not think of repentance, continued to incite the populist, fiddle with the referendum, and deliberately provoked the one China principle and wantonly undermine the peace and stability of the cross-straits relations. This kind of playing with fire will surely lead to evil consequences and further damage the interests of our compatriots in Taiwan.

[Taiwan DPP authorities are "money diplomacy" practitioners)

In fear of the so-called "break in tide", the Taiwan authorities have been in contact with the so-called "friendly states", but they often receive requests from each other to help their economic development. Ma Xiaoguang responded by saying that this shows two points: first, the one China principle is the general trend and the people's mind. Two, the Taiwan authorities specifically refer to the DPP authorities as the "money diplomacy" practitioners.

On the issue of cross-strait exchanges

[Taiwan authorities obstruct and restrict cross-strait exchanges will damage Taiwanese interests]

The Taiwan Affairs Commission recently reaffirmed the relevant measures adopted by mainland China to organize groups and personalities in mainland China, aiming at officials at all levels of the mainland. Ma Xiaoguang said that many restrictions on cross-strait exchanges have been firmly opposed to the DPP authorities. The Democratic Progressive Party authorities have constantly woven various reasons to obstruct and restrict exchanges and exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and to deteriorate the atmosphere of cross-Straits exchange, and ultimately harm the well-being of the Taiwan compatriots.

[implementation of 31 new measures for all Taiwan authorities]

Ma Xiaoguang introduced the latest situation of implementing the "31 measures to benefit Taiwan compatriots". In June 1st, Shanghai issued the "measures to promote the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and Taiwan". In June 6th, Fujian Province issued the implementation of the "31 measures" implementation. In addition, new progress has been made in the implementation of the "31 items" in the vocational qualification examination.

[response to Taiwan authorities' preferential measures for mainland residents to travel to Taiwan] failed.

The cross-strait relations are cold, and the relevant departments of Taiwan recently launched a series of preferential measures for mainland residents to travel to Taiwan, but still failed to enhance the heat of landers. Ma Xiaoguang said that there has been a positive and healthy development trend of mainland residents traveling to Taiwan. The reason for the sharp decline in the size and number of tourists to Taiwan today is well known.

[efforts should be made to achieve direct or two-way comprehensive employment.

Hao Longbin, vice chairman of the Kuomintang, put forward the "new three links" of cross-strait learning, intermarriage and employment. Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that the mainland has actively promulgated relevant policies in recent years to provide convenient treatment for Taiwan compatriots to study and work in the mainland. The mainland has gone ahead. If the so-called "new three links" are directly or bi-directional in a real sense, the Taiwan authorities must make efforts.

[Taiwan's poor fruit sales and restrictions on cross-strait exchanges will hurt Taiwanese interests]

The recent harvest of fruit and poor sales in Taiwan has led to a sharp fall in prices, especially in excess of bananas. Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities restricted the cross-strait exchanges, which made the achievements of the peaceful development of the two sides of the Straits damaged and inevitably hurt the interests of the Taiwan compatriots.

[response to Ma Ying-Jeou's suggestion that Taiwan authorities restart the cross strait trade in Services Agreement]

Ma Ying-Jeou, a former Taiwan leader, recently proposed that Cai Yingwen, the leader of the Taiwan region, should resume the service trade agreement between the two sides. Ma Xiaoguang said that facts have proved that the peaceful development of cross-strait relations is the right direction. At present, the agreement between the two sides of the Strait has been suspended, and the agreement signed has been difficult to enter into force, and is responsible for the DPP authorities.

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