After the Korean Peninsula is relaxed, the United States will be in the Taiwan Strait. China: that is a major miscarriage of Justice

After the Korean Peninsula is relaxed, the United States will be in the Taiwan Strait. China: that is a major miscarriage of Justice

[observation network comprehensive report] today (13) today (13) at 10 a.m., the State Council Office of the State Council held a regular press conference. The spokesman answered questions to reporters on the recent hot topics on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. The news conference was presided over by Ma Xiaoguang, director of the information bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office and spokesman.

At the press conference, Ma Xiaoguang addressed the assistant secretary of state of the United States of state, and the DPP supported the "Taiwan independence" proposal for the "referendum" of the five star red flag, and the proposal for the lease of the Taiping island to the U. S. Army and the peninsula.

According to China's Taiwan network, a reporter from the China Times of Taiwan asked questions: yesterday, the North Korean summit would reach a consensus and North Korea promised to try to realize the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, which would be tantamount to dismantling the fuze of the Korean nuclear crisis. But at the same time, the relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits continues to be tense. Will the speaker, the mainland side, be worried about the question of the Taiwan Strait as the next detonating point in Asia, is there any way to avoid the worst case, that is, the situation of the two sides of the two sides of the army and the army?

Ma Xiaoguang responded that I listened carefully to your questions, and I am very curious about the logic of linking these two things in your questions. If you are referring to the so-called "Guoan" and the green camp scholars in the recent Taiwan media reports, the United States will further step in the Taiwan Strait and support the DPP authorities after the stability of the Korean Peninsula. Then I can tell them that this is wishful thinking "God logic", a major misjudgement of the international situation, and a deliberate misleading to the people of Taiwan. As we all know, the "Taiwan independence" forces are the biggest threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits and the greatest harm to the interests of Taiwan compatriots and the interests of the Chinese nation as a whole. We have strong will, full confidence and sufficient capacity to defeat any form of "Taiwan independence" split plot, defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and never allow the historical tragedy of the country to split, and no one underestimates our determination and strength.

Ma Xiaoguang, director of the information bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office and the press spokesman, presided over the conference.

The full text of the press conference is as follows:

Ma Xiaoguang: Good morning, everyone, media friends. Today's press conference is now on. Please ask questions.

Channel's voice radio reporter: at previous conferences, the spokesman has repeatedly introduced the new progress made by various departments in various parts of the country to implement the "31 measures of benefiting the cell". Today, a spokesman is invited to introduce some new situations for us. Thank you。

Ma Xiaoguang: Thank you for your concern about the implementation of the 31 measures. In June 1st, Shanghai issued "measures to promote the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and Taiwan", involving 55 articles, involving 28 economic fields and 27 Cultural and social fields. It includes not only the content of the 31 measures in Shanghai, but also the opening and implementation of Shanghai's public policy in other places, and the measures with Shanghai characteristics. For example, supporting Taiwan enterprises to set up headquarters, financial institutions, operation centers, purchasing centers and logistics centers in Shanghai, support Taiwanese enterprises to participate in the exhibition, sales and procurement of China International Import Fair held in Shanghai in December this year, support Shanghai Taiwan enterprises to finance through equity trusteeship institutions and support Taiwan professional technology. Personnel to Shanghai Employment, enjoy the same treatment as the city residents of the talent support policy, to Taiwan green and Shanghai innovation and venture employment to give initial stage of start-up space rental subsidies, entrepreneurial guarantee loans interest rates and so on.

In June 6th, Fujian promulgated and implemented the implementation of the "31 measures", including the expansion of Fujian Taiwan economic and trade cooperation, the support of the Taiwanese in Fujian Province practice and employment, deepening the cultural exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan, and the convenience of the Taiwanese in Fujian to live and work in four aspects. 37 of them correspond to the implementation of the "31 measures", the 24 is Fujian's first trial, and the other 5 are the replication and promotion of the pilot policy. These 66 measures not only cover the preferential policies of the Taiwan enterprises in the fields of industry access, financial services, fund support and customs clearance, but also involve the same treatment in Fujian, practice, employment, entrepreneurship, residence, life, labor security, medical treatment and transportation, as well as the deepening of the cultural exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan. Move. For example, Taiwan funded enterprises can participate in the franchising projects of Fujian Provincial Expressway, rail transit, port transportation, urban river regulation and other public services. When Taiwan compatriots come to Fujian for employment and start business, they will enjoy the preferential policies for employment and Entrepreneurship of Fujian residents equally. The Taiwan compatriots working in Fujian can participate in the "five risks and one gold" according to the regulations and enjoy the same labor protection as the local residents. Eligible financial institutions in Taiwan may apply to establish banking institutions or personal insurance companies holding 51% or more shares in Fujian. The newly established Taiwan funded enterprises in the Fujian self trade test area can apply for registration according to the mainland enterprises. The relevant professional and technical personnel of Taiwan hold the certificate of accounting, planning, construction, consultation, finance, medical and tourism issued by the relevant agencies of the Taiwan region, and the relevant regulations can be made in the trade test area of Fujian province according to the scope of the certificate license. Carry out the corresponding business. It is also understood that some provinces and municipalities are actively developing relevant implementation measures.

In terms of vocational qualification examination, there are new progress in implementing the "31 items" work. One is that, in May 31st, the China Securities Association, China Futures Industry Association and China Securities Investment Fund Association issued twenty-ninth specific measures in the implementation of the "31 measures". It is clear that "when the Taiwan compatriots in Taiwan have obtained the corresponding qualifications to apply for securities, goods, and fund qualifications in the mainland, they only need to pass through the big ones." Land laws and regulations examination, without the need to participate in the examination of professional knowledge, to Taiwan compatriots to obtain employment qualifications, application conditions, application procedures and other matters to make detailed provisions. In the future, eligible compatriots in Taiwan can participate in relevant examinations, apply for employment or practising qualifications in accordance with the specific requirements and procedures announced by the three Association. Two, the organization of the agricultural and rural departments revise the regulations and regulations related to the management of fishery crew, and will announce to the society the specific measures for the registration of the professional qualification examination for the seafarers of the fishery crew by the end of June. Since January 1st next year, Taiwan compatriots can apply for the relevant business of fishing crew certification on the basis of "Taiwan residents' access to the mainland". Three, the Ministry of culture and tourism recently issued the "notice on organizing and implementing the 2018 national tour guide qualification examination". It is scheduled to hold the national tour guide test in 2018 from November to December. Taiwan compatriots can sign up for the examination in any province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the central government.

China broadcasts and broadcasts of the central broadcasting and television station: the tenth Straits forum has been closed in Fujian, and a spokesperson is asked to evaluate the role played by the Straits forum in the past ten years. In addition, I would like to invite the spokesman to introduce the important achievements made by the ten Straits forum. Thank you。

Ma Xiaoguang: the Straits forum has gone through ten years since its founding. In the past ten years, this platform, in line with the concept of "one family on both sides of the Taiwan Straits," has adhered to the position of "folk nature, grass-roots and extensive". It has made full use of the expansion and deepening of cross-Straits folk exchanges, jointly carrying forward the Chinese culture and promoting economic and social integration between the two sides of the Straits. The positive role of promoting and promoting the harmony of the mind. It has become an important platform for condensing compatriots on both sides of the Straits to safeguard cross-strait relations and peaceful development and common aspiration.

The tenth Straits forum was closed in June 11th, and more than 8000 people from all walks of life in Taiwan attended the event. Under the current situation of cross-Straits relations, the Straits forum, as the largest private exchange between the two sides of the Straits, has been successfully successfully held. It is of great significance and has produced a wide range of positive effects. First, it has further demonstrated the way forward to continue to promote peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Wang Yang delivered an important speech at the forum, explaining the principles and policies for maintaining and promoting the peaceful development of cross-strait relations under the new situation. Representatives from all walks of life across the Strait agreed that the peaceful development of cross-strait relations is the right road. Compatriots on both sides of the Straits should unswervingly continue to overcome difficulties. The two is to further converge public opinion and inspire and strengthen the confidence of compatriots on both sides of the Straits to expand and deepen cross-strait exchanges and cooperation. "Cross-strait one family" became the most frequent word in the forum. Despite some human interference and obstruction in the island, people from all walks of life in Taiwan are still enthusiastic about the forum, and the situation in which Taiwan young people actively and enthusiastically enrolment is more than ever. For the first time, this forum is open to the public in Taiwan, and the 300 places of "first generation" have been snapped up. Three, the forum's activities and the positive energy it conveys to promote cross-strait exchanges and cooperation and enhance the well-being of compatriots is highly concerned. There were 785 journalists from 142 media on the two sides of the Taiwan Straits to report the event, of which 86 journalists from 55 Taiwan media were involved in the forum and issued more than 1000 articles. The channel Forum's "ten year story collection" hits 10 million hits, and the total number of related topics on Sina micro-blog is nearly 15 million. Four, this forum has once again become an important platform for policy release and implementation. In the period of the forum, Fujian Province issued 66 policies and measures to benefit the cell. Xiamen held a talent docking meeting on this forum, and provided 2653 employment opportunities for Taiwan talents and young people. These have received extensive attention and praise. Five, this forum has made a number of new achievements in promoting cross-strait non-governmental exchanges and cooperation. During the forum, more than 80 cooperative projects, such as science and technology, talent, public welfare, community, finance, health, agricultural and water conservancy, and other civil fields, sectors and industries have been signed by the two sides. Nearly two hundred sides of the two sides have reached a consensus on exchanges and cooperation among associations, townships, villages, and communities.

Xinhua News Agency: Mary Royce, assistant secretary of state for cultural and educational affairs of the State Department of the United States, visited the new pavilion at the Taipei Office of the Taiwan Association in the United States. What is the comment of the spokesman?

Ma Xiaoguang: the Ministry of foreign affairs has made solemn representations to the US side. We are firmly opposed to any form of official contacts and contacts between the United States and Taiwan. The United States should earnestly abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, so as not to undermine Sino US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. The DPP authorities' self respect will only further damage cross-strait relations.

Shenzhen satellite TV reporter: it is reported that the DPP is supporting the sponsors of the "Taiwan independence" group to launch a number of referendum proposals aimed at five star red flags and Taiwan's participation in international organizations. What is the comment of the speaker?

Ma Xiaoguang: Recently, International Olympic Committee has given a solemn warning to Taiwan about promoting the so-called "Olympic referendum". The DPP authorities do not repent, continue to incite the populists, manipulate the referendum, deliberately provoke the one China principle and wantonly destroy cross-strait relations and peace and stability. This kind of playing with fire will surely lead to evil consequences and further damage the interests of our compatriots in Taiwan.

Da Wen media group, a full media reporter: a think tank proposed by a green camp, the Taiwan authorities can rent Nansha Taiping island for use in the name of "humanitarian relief". What does the spokesman say about this?

Ma Xiaoguang: this proposal is very dangerous. Any words and deeds that are detrimental to the interests of the Chinese nation will be cast aside by compatriots on both sides of the Strait.

Fujian Xiamen satellite TV reporter: Taiwan Taiwan Affairs Commission recently reiterated that the relevant measures to strictly examine the mainland to Taiwan groups and people are only

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