UN officials: China plays an important role in ending AIDS.

UN officials: China plays an important role in ending AIDS.

Original title: (Technology) United Nations official: China plays an important role in the process of ending AIDS.

Xinhua UN June 12 (reporter Ma Jianguo) Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and the executive director of the United Nations Programme on AIDS, Michel Sidibe, 12 in United Nations Headquarters, said, "China plays an important role in the end of AIDS process."

In the UN General Assembly's report on the AIDS Programme on the AIDS programme, Sidibe said that the concept of building a healthy society is not only a concept of disease, but a concept of a healthy lifestyle. China attaches great importance to education and makes a comprehensive treatment of health, environment and sports. It is not only aimed at infectious diseases, but also helps to solve non communicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The comprehensive management of this way of life not only helps China, but also helps the whole world.

He said that cooperation between China and African countries was a model for South South cooperation. Chinese medical staff had been very helpful in fighting the Ebola virus in Africa. The UNAIDS was building a community medical team of 2 million people in Africa, inspired by the "barefoot doctor" system in China. The United Nations needs China's help in training community medical teams.

During his visit to Yunnan, Sidibe was highly evaluated by the participation of Chinese social organizations and the cooperation of multi sector cooperation in AIDS prevention and control, and expressed confidence in the realization of China's "three 90%" goals - that is, 90% of the HIV infected people were aware of themselves by 2020, and 90% of the infected people were treated and 90% received treatment. The virus is suppressed in the body of the body.

China provides HIV testing for tens of millions of people who undertake unpaid blood donation, pre operation testing and pregnancy test, and set up one of the largest and most widely covered AIDS laboratory networks in the world. Data show that in 2016, China's HIV detection accounted for 1/3 of the total global test.  

At the twentieth World AIDS conference in Melbourne in 2014, the UNAIDS proposed the vision of "the end of AIDS in 2030" and put forward "three 90%" prevention and control targets. If the "three 90%" can be achieved, more than 70% of the infected people can reduce the level of virus, and the risk of transmission will also be reduced, so that the epidemic of AIDS is in a spiral decline. (finish)

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