Chinese professor robbery hotel in Spagna Hotel: This is a lot of things.

Chinese professor robbery hotel in Spagna Hotel: This is a lot of things.

Original title: Chinese professor robbery hotel in Spagna Hotel: This is a lot of things.

China network of overseas Chinese on June 13, according to the Spanish European wave network, a professor Shen surname, who went to Barcelona, Spain to attend lectures, was snatched by 3 people at the Check Inn Hotel's front desk. After 3 people robbed the bag, the hotel and the police did not satisfy Shen.

At about 5 p.m. local time, at that time, Professor Shen was checking in at the Sagrada Familia Hotel. Suddenly, three people rushed from Professor Shen's back. In a moment, he took the baggage from Professor Shen. Professor Shen and his assistant reacted to shouting, busy running after the gangsters. After they rushed out, the gangsters had gone on their bicycles. The luggage had been opened, and the money of about 30 thousand yuan in the inside was no longer in the bag. Fortunately, the important documents inside are still in.

But during this period, all the staff of the hotel turned their back on it. Professor Shen's attitude and kindness, I hope the hotel can help him to go to the police station to report the case, but the hotel answered, "this is a lot of things, you don't need to care." The staff attitude of the hotel made Professor Shen quite dissatisfied. Under the guidance of the translator and assistant, Professor Shen finally went to the police station to report, but the police did not pay much attention to it. The police officers paid little attention to their status as a visiting professor.

"The manager on duty on the day of the accident said they could not view the video in the lobby and wait for the police to come. On the day of leaving the hotel, I was another manager. I heard the details of the case. Her attitude is good, it is very regrettable to say that, but there is nothing to do with it, but it can only wait, and the police know which people often know how to commit a case. They have a lot of people to cooperate with each other, transfer the stolen goods, can't get the stolen goods and get, even if they are caught on the spot, it is also a slight punishment, and will continue to commit a case. " Professor Shen said.

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